What to see in the Riviera Maya, a cultural paradise

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The Riviera Maya is one of the most touristic areas in Mexico. And it is not surprising knowing that it is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. But you may be wondering what to see in the Riviera Maya apart from sand and sea.

Well, we warn you that boredom will not be an option, as you can relax and swim in its paradisiacal beaches or visit the most famous Mayan ruins.

So, as we know that you are going to travel to Mexico as soon as you can, we are going to tell you what to see in Riviera Maya so that you don’t miss anything at all.

Chichen Itza

When we think of the Riviera Maya, one of the most iconic places in Mexico, Chichen Itza comes to mind. That’s why it’s an area you can’t miss in your travel guide to Mexico.

Visiting Chichen Itzá at down will allow you to enjoy your visit in a relaxed way and you will also be able to contemplate the beautiful view of the first rays of sunlight over the pyramid of Kukulkan.

Besides, who wouldn’t like to know all the curiosities hidden in Chichen Itza? It is such an enigmatic place…

Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza

Mayan Cenotes

The most famous cenotes in the world, nowadays tourist destinations, are located in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are wells of crystalline water perfect for a swim, although you can also simply enjoy their beauty.

A good idea is to take advantage of your trip to Chichen Itza to take a trip to the Sacred Cenote, you won’t see anything like it!

sacred cenote in riviera maya

Sian Ka’an

If you like animals, another place to see in the Riviera Maya is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, the authentic Mexican jungle. So you can imagine the number of animals that live there.

Some of the animals in Sian Ka’an are protected, but you can see them up close if you take a trip to Sian Ka’an. You’ll travel by boat through the jungle channels and see caimans, turtles, dolphins… You can also cross the reef and go snorkelling in the open sea.

sian ka'an from the air

Tulum Ruins

Other famous Mayan ruins are those of Tulum. The main ruin ‘El Castillo’ (The Castle) stands out among them, from where you can see the whole archaeological site and the beautiful turquoise sea.

A good idea is to see Tulum at dawn, as you’ll see the ruins illuminated by the first rays of sunlight and there won’t be as many tourists as at other times of the day. And when it starts to get warm… you can take a refreshing swim in the beach next to it!

Tulum ruins

Isla Mujeres

If the beaches of Tulum aren’t enough for you, you can always visit Isla Mujeres which is home to one of the most beautiful paradise beaches in the world.

You can take a catamaran trip around Isla Mujeres and enjoy the crystal clear water and colourful reefs while you have a drink in the open sea. And if you like snorkelling, this is the perfect place to do it.

isla mujeres beach

Now that you know what to see in the Riviera Maya, it’s time to pack your suitcase with your best summer clothes and enjoy this idyllic place. Where do you want to start?


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