How to get to Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica? 【Most common options】

How to get to Corcovado National Park

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If you are planning your trip to Costa Rica, one of the excursions in Costa Rica that you will do is Corcovado. We can assure you that it is worth it. It is one of the best National Parks in Costa Rica. You will find few visitors and you will enjoy its spectacular fauna and flora. But, do you know how to get to Corcovado National Park?

As we said before, this natural paradise is little frequented by travelers and is not easily accessible. It turns out that you can get there from Drake Bay or from Puerto Jimenez. Read on and you will find the answer to your question 😉 .

Corcovado National Park entrance

How to get to Corcovado National Park from Drake Bay?

If you take our Corcovado National Park Tour we will pick you up at Drake Bay, we get on the boat and set our course for the park entrance. The tour takes 1:45 hours and if you tend to get seasick, it’s best to sit in the back of the boat.

Getting to Corcovado this way is quite an adventure, so wear shorts, appropriate footwear, enjoy the views of the coast and hang on, we’re setting sail! :).

Also, you should know that the best place to stay, without any doubt, is Drake Bay. We stayed there on our visit to Corcovado and we recommend it 100% because the views are dreamy, you will experience the best sunsets of your life and you can easily access the park.

With this you already know how to get to Corcovado National Park in the most fun way and feeling all the adrenaline in your body: by boat 🚀

Corcovado river mouth

How to get to Drake Bay?

Drake Bay can be reached in multiple ways: by plane, by road, or by boat. If you choose to land at Drake airport, you must book with NatureAir or Sansa companies (the only ones that offer this destination), the trajectory takes about 1 hour and the price is around 80 euros.

The following two options start from Sierpe, that is, you need to pass through this town to get to Drake. First, you can drive to Drake Bay but beware, the terrain is uneven, there are rivers and in the rainy season there can be flooded areas. If you have an adventurous spirit you will dare to take the car on any surface 😉 .

Secondly, you can park your car in Sierpe and set sail on boat to Drake Bay Eden. The first sailing departs at 11:30 am and the next at 4:30 pm, with a return from the Bay at 7:15 am and 2:30 pm.

Boat along the coast of Drake Bay

How to get from Puerto Jimenez?

If you want to know how to get to Corcovado National Park, going into such a jungle from Puerto Jimenez is a good option. In this case there are good roads infrastructures and public transportation that will facilitate your entrance to the park.

Also, to get to Puerto Jimenez you have the option to land by plane, take a boat from Golfito or go by road by bus or car 🙂

Now that you know how to get to Corcovado National Park you just have to pack your bags and start your adventure. Which option do you choose to go to Corcovado?


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