What to do in Rurrenabaque to enjoy a unique trip in Bolivia

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You may know the Bolivian municipality Rurrenabaque if you have been to or want to visit Bolivia. It may also sound more like the gateway to the Bolivian jungle to you 🙂 . But, do you know what to do in Rurrenabaque?

This area has achieved several recognitions for its wonderful nature as “Best Green Destination” World Travel Award or one of the 20 most important places on the planet (National Geographic).

So, today we tell you what you can do and see during your stay in Rurrenabaque to make it an unforgettable trip. Are you ready to discover its wonderful green corners?

Visit the Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park waterfalls

If you don’t know what to do in Rurrenabaque, visiting the lush jungle and immense rivers of Madidi is a fantastic option. This Bolivian paradise is a must-do to make your trip memorable.

Yes, to discover the wonders of this region it is best to spend more than one day and be well accompanied by a professional guide. We recommend you to experience 3 days in Madidi National Park.

We can’t think of a better way to spend these three days than navigating through some of the most important rivers in the area such as the Beni, going deep into the jungle and staying in an Eco Lodge (a very special rural project).

Sunset in the Beni river

You will be able to feel the heart of the jungle beating and hear, even observe, its magnificent inhabitants such as armadillos, tapirs, and various birds. Of course, you should know what to bring to the jungle to enhance the experience 😉

It turns out that Madidi National Park will never cease to amaze you with the number of living beings that inhabit it.

On the one hand, it has approximately 867 species of birds and around 150 types of mammals. Not to mention its many fish, amphibians, and reptiles such as the iguana – Madidi is the perfect habitat!

In addition, this area is of great historical value and you can still breathe an aura of magic. To this day, centuries-old indigenous groups still live here.

Are you ready for Madidi’s wildest adventure? But first, you need to make sure you get your strength up, so here are the 5 Bolivian food dishes we like best, if you want to add a touch of local essence

Enjoy Yacuma Pampas

Selva boliviana Rurrenabaque

We all agree that getting to know one of the most diverse places in the world is an unforgettable experience. So, today you’re lucky because we are going to introduce you to the Pampas del Yacuma!

This is one of the places with the greatest fauna and flora. I think that now you know what to do in Rurrenabaque 😉

Although the Yacuma Pampas is a little farther from Rurrenabaque than Madidi National Park, they are well worth visiting.

There is so much nature to enjoy that it is always recommended to stay between 3 and 5 days. For this very reason, the 3 days tour of the Yacuma Pampas is of the most recommended.

You will have the opportunity to stay in an Ecolodge, that is part of a rural community project of the natives, walkingin the forest and navigate the Yacuma River, where the most famous being of the pampas lives: the pink dolphin.

Can you imagine the scene? You on a boat down the Amazon river, enjoying the pink sunset in the company of pink dolphins leaping by your side.

The Anaconda or Sicuri snake, along with the caiman, also characterize these territories of the Bolivian Amazon, there is not only this magnificent dolphin.

Capuchin monkey in bolivian jungle

It’s no wonder that your adventurous spirit asks you to visit both: the Madidi National Park and the Yacuma Pampas. So, to elevate the experience to another level, we recommend doing the combo Madidi and Pampas 5 days tour 🙂

If while you were reading the post you could imagine yourself touring the jungle and rivers with the sound of animals in the background, surely you already know what to do in Rurrenabaque 😉 When does your adventure begin?


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