What trekking in the Perito Moreno to do? Characteristics and differences

que trekking por el Perito Moreno hacer

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You are planning your trip to Argentina and consider visiting the Perito Moreno glacier and walking on it, enjoying its whiteness and immensity, but do you know what excursion to make on the Perito Moreno? We comment on the options you have so you can make the right decision and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

It is 5 kilometers wide, 74 meters high and has an ice cap of 170 meters deep. At intervals of four to six years there is usually a break in its interior that only a few lucky people can observe.

Perito Moreno footbridge

Perito Moreno is one of the glaciers in the Argentinean Patagonia bordering the Chilean one that many travelers, in their passage through the country, are encouraged to visit. It is located in Los Glaciares National Park, in the Province of Santa Cruz and is accessible through Puerto Natales (Chile) and El Calafate (Argentina).

Perito Moreno from Chile

If your idea is to start your visit to Perito Moreno from Puerto Natales (Chile), we warn you that you will spend five and a half hours by bus (warm and very comfortable). When you arrive at your destination you will be able to observe the Perito Moreno glacier from the footbridges. We assure you that the trip is worthwhile and on the way you can enjoy incredible views, it’s another way of doing tourism! It is an easy excursion and suitable for anyone.

Perito Moreno from Argentina

From Argentina the trip to your destination is not so long and this may interest you because you can arrive in perfect condition to walk on the glacier. You have heard right, walking on the Perito Moreno glacier! It is a safe and guided experience so do not worry, the crampons will be your best ally!

Of course, walking on a glacier is an unparalleled experience, but if you still dare to do more because you like adventure and have too much energy to waste, you have the wildest option in the Big Ice Trek. Reaching the heart of the glacier and admiring its turquoise water lagoons and ice caves sounds good, don’t you think?

Perito Moreno

Minitrekking Perito Moreno vs Big Ice Perito Moreno

Don’t worry, we’ll go deeper into the differences between the two options you have. If you are not satisfied with seeing the Perito Moreno glacier from the footbridges, there is the possibility of, as we have already said, walking on it with the Minitrekking in Perito Moreno which has a moderate level of difficulty. With this choice you will enjoy an hour and a half over the glacier. It is not a piece of cake and therefore not available for children under 10 years and over 65.

La crème de la crème comes with the Big Ice Trekking which has a high level of complexity. From an hour and a half on the surface of the glacier we go to more than double with this option, yes sir, three and a half hours over Perito Moreno. Throughout the day the walk takes about seven hours and for this reason it is an experience only accessible for people between 18 and 50 years old, are you surprised?

Perito Moreno Glacier

So, what trekking in the Perito Moreno to do?

We are sorry but we cannot give you an answer, because it is a decision that depends entirely on you. Think about it and be realistic. It is about enjoying the experience, releasing adrenaline and remembering the Perito Moreno glacier with a smile from ear to ear. Whatever your decision is, remember to wear a hat, scarf, gloves, earmuffs and everything else you need to keep warm. Are you up for it?


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