Lake Titicaca: origin and what to visit in each country

lago titicaca

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Surely you know that Lake Titicaca is located on the border between Bolivia and Peru, so each country has its part of the lake and their respective cities.

Below we tell you what to visit from Lake Titicaca in each country:

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What to visit in Lake Titicaca in Peru

The area that belongs to Peruvian waters is 3790 square kilometers and in this part of the lake, we can find a great cultural difference and attractions that you have never seen. These are some of the excursions in Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian side.

Puno Bay, the port to visit the Lake Titicaca

Located in the southern highlands of Peru with a flat relief. Puno has many prehistoric sites of circular constructions called, from its origin, chullpas. They are religious buildings with a marked colonial architecture and towns with a very folkloric tradition in dances and rites.
In addition, it is the port of access to the lake, so you will make all the trips from Puno.

arch construction in puno

Uros floating islands, the most popular in the Lake Titicaca

The Uros floating islands are a group of artificial islands made with a type of native reed called totora, in Lake Titicaca. They are inhabited by the Uros, an ancestral people whose culture is linked to the lake and the totora reeds that grow at the bottom of the lake, building not only the islands but also their houses and even boats with this type of reed.

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Drainage system

It is a bi-national urban complex located at the source of the Desaguadero River between Bolivia and Peru. A unique place to enjoy both cultures and enjoy the views from another place.

Taquile Island

Another island not to be missed if you travel to Lake Titicaca. It is Taquile Island, a place where you will travel in time. There is no electricity there, and even less, coverage for your cell phone.

But you will not lack activities. On the tour of Taquile Island, you can visit the Mulsina Pata viewpoint at the highest point of the island, or learn to weave as the Taquileños, true masters, do.

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What to visit in Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

The Bolivian area is 3790 square meters and has many places to visit in Lake Titicaca. These are some of the best tours you can do in Bolivia.

Copacabana, touristic center of the Lake Titicaca

A small Bolivian city located on the shores of Lake Titicaca is one of the most touristy spots on the lake. It is considered a sacred area and in which archaeological remains have been found scattered throughout the territory.

Located in the department of La Paz and is 155 km from the big city, is a center of peregrination to visit the image of the Virgin of Copacabana, the most extended Marian invocation in Bolivia. It is famous for its religious celebrations, its cultural heritage, and its traditional festivals.

city and copacabana port from mountain


It is a pre-Columbian village where the most curious thing is the aspect of its houses, made with stone walls and their roofs with wild straw. Its streets are paved and small trees of “kantutas”, the national flower, are born there. From the hill at the foot of the village, you can see the islands of the Sun and the Moon, as well as the hills of the snowy Andes, an amazing view.

Sun Island

If you are willing to tour the islands, you can’t miss the Island of the Sun. This is the sacred island of the Incas, where their empire began. A place to walk through the past through the archaeological remains of the Incas. Remains like the pilkokaina or Palace of the Sun, stone building, the Challapampa, labyrinthine construction located in the highest part of the island. We also find here the Fountain of the Inca from where you can drink the water of “the eternal youth”, and a statue to Manco Capac, who is said to have lived there before founding the city of Cusco.

stone table inca island of the sun lake titicaca

Moon Island

Located southwest of the Island of the Sun, in front of the town of Sampaya. In this island also surprise their ruins, the remains of an “ajllawasi” that we could translate as the house of the chosen virgins of the sun, among many other things.

Other places to visit are Suriqui Island, Kalauta Island, and Pariti Island.

Now that you know what to visit in Lake Titicaca, do you decide on the Peruvian or the Bolivian side?


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