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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Masai tribe in Kenya! This tribe is one of the most fascinating in Africa. They have managed to preserve their identity, traditions and culture despite the changes and modern advances in the world. Today, the Masai tribe attracts many travelers who seek to learn about their culture, art, music and lifestyle. This allows them to appreciate the diversity of humanity. In this post we take you to the heart of Africa to bring you a little closer to the Masai tribe so you can get to know them a little better.

Where the Masai tribe is located

The Masai tribe is found in the East African region, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania. They are known for their unique traditions and customs that have survived over the centuries, and have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Masai are a semi-nomadic people who live mainly in the African savannah, where they graze their cattle and move in search of water and fresh pastures.

masai tribes

Diet and altitude

The Maasai have a very particular diet, which is based mainly on meat and milk from their cattle. They do not eat fruits and vegetables, as they believe that plants are for animals. Although their diet is very limited, the Maasai are known for their great stature and physical constitution. In particular, for their great height, which averages 1.80 meters for men and 1.70 meters for women.

Masai Tribe lifestyle

One of the most notable characteristics of the Maasai culture is their nomadic lifestyle. The Maasai traditionally travel the region in search of fresh pasture for their livestock, which is a vital part of their economy. The nomadic lifestyle has led them to become experts in the construction of temporary homes. Their homes, known as “Manyatta”, are constructed from tree branches, grass and mud. These homes are very easy to build and dismantle, allowing the Maasai to move from one place to another without problems.

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Their ability to live in harmony with nature is admirable, as is their strong sense of community and respect for their traditions and customs. These nomadic herders are dedicated to raising livestock, mainly cows and goats. These are considered a source of wealth and a symbol of social status.

In addition, the Maasai are famous for their ability to hunt lions, which is seen as a sign of bravery and courage. However, despite their life in the wild, the Maasai are an extremely hospitable and friendly tribe. This has allowed them to establish relationships with other communities and with travelers from all over the world.


The traditional dress of the Maasai is another of their distinguishing characteristics. The men usually wear a red tunic called a “shuka” and sandals made from recycled tires, while the women wear long dresses and a red cloth around their necks.

Both sexes wear elaborate beaded jewelry and colorful necklaces that denote their social status and age. In addition, Maasai warriors often wear lion skin necklaces and a spear in their hand as a symbol of their strength and bravery. They also adorn their hair with pearls and animal feathers to emphasize their beauty and elegance. The Masai tribe’s clothing is very important to them, as it represents their culture and traditions, as well as being a form of identification and differentiation from other tribes.

bead necklace

Music and Dance

Music and dance are important elements in the Maasai culture. Their traditional music is played on stringed instruments, such as the “Orutu”, a one-stringed violin, and the “Enkarewa”, a kind of two-stringed guitar.

Maasai dance is a very important form of expression for this tribe, and each dance has a special meaning. The dances are performed on special occasions such as weddings, christenings and other important events in the life of the tribe.

maasai dance

Religion of the Masai Tribe

The traditional religion of the Maasai is based on a belief in a supreme being who created the world. The tribe believes that their god, Enkai, created the world and humans, and that the Maasai are on Earth to protect Enkai’s creation.

They also believe in the spirits of their ancestors, who help them protect and guide the tribe. On the other hand, their religion has a close relationship with nature and animals, which are considered sacred.

As you can see, the Masai Tribe is fascinating. Remember to respect their customs when you visit them, they will welcome you with open arms! 💚


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