Captain Marvel: A Woman’s Overcoming Story

amelia earhart in a plane inspired in captain marvel

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It’s been some time since its release, and this movie left no one indifferent. Captain Marvel, the movie of the Marvel superheroes saga, entered the film world with great force.

This time, Marvel Studios surprised with a woman as the main protagonist and heroine. But not just anyone, but the great Captain Marvel.

Feminism in Captain Marvel

The film tells the story of overcoming a woman (actress Brie Larson) and how, thanks to her, she totally changes the fateful course of humanity and becomes the biggest superheroine in the universe.

movie poster captain marvel

Marvel Studios couldn’t have done better releasing the movie on a very important day for women, March 8, World Women’s Day. With that, he gave us a wink to advance us that this is not just any Marvel movie.

But what is the story behind the great superheroine? Many superheroes have stories of overcoming their past lives that have made them feel loneliness, abandonment, or even revenge. In the case of Captain Marvel, unlike other films, she recalls her past as the film progresses.

Thus, during the viewing of the entire film, you will discover neither more nor less a great adventurous spirit, dreamer, and explorer. The protagonist of the film discovers the reason for her existence and the need to move forward with those who are truly hers.

Behind the story of Marvel’s greatest female superhero lies one of the greatest inspirations for any Howlander, Amelia Earhart.

The protagonist Carol Danvers was a girl like any other, and since she was little she dreamed of flying and traveling the world. Therefore, she was inspired by the magnificent Amelia Earhart. She overcame her fears, her weaknesses, and the social biases instilled in her for being a woman and fought to become an aviator and fulfill her dream of taking to the skies.

About Amelia Earhart and Captain Marvel

Since she was a little girl Amelia was well known for her great skills flying over the lands and seas, winning a great number of contests.

Earhart was one of the first American women aviators. She is also known for being one of the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic.

amelia earhart in front of a small plane

One of her most famous milestones, and which unfortunately cost her her life, was her challenge to become the first woman to attempt to make first aerial trip around the world over the equator. However, on July 2, 1937, Amelia was left whereabouts unknown trying to fulfill one of her dreams.

Among the various theories of Amelia’s disappearance was that she landed on Howland Island, which we have adopted and made part of the Howlanders story.

plane wreckage on howland island beach

It has since become an icon of self-improvement, adventure, and discovery for many people.

Among them, our Captain Marvel, who thanks to her effort and overcoming as Amelia, manages to be remembered and prove once again that a woman can be an aviator just as professional as a man or be a superheroine just as good, or better, than any superhero known so far.

So if you feel like discovering, being an adventurer, and fulfilling your dreams, do like the extraordinary Amelia Earhart or the great Captain Marvel, and become a true Howlanders traveler.

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, we leave you the trailer so you can get excited to see it as soon as possible.

If one of your dreams is to discover the historical, mysterious, and unique Latin America, don’t hesitate. We will be here as always willing to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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