10 Surprising things you’ll find inside the Uyuni Salt Flat

things inside the uyuni salt flats

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The Uyuni salt flats are one of the most surprising places on Earth. Located in southwestern Bolivia, the flats are a vast, arid expanse of white salt that extends for over 4,000 square miles. The flats are also home to some of the most unique and surreal landscapes on the planet. From vast salt plains to bubbling hot springs, the Uyuni salt flats are a must-see for any traveler. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 of the most surprising things you’ll find inside the Uyuni Salt flat!

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1. A huge, empty space

In the middle of nowhere, that’s what the Uyuni salt flats feel like. This huge, empty space is one of the most surreal places on Earth. It’s hard to believe that such a place exists, but it does. And it’s definitely worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

The Uyuni salt flats are a must-see for anyone interested in magic and mystery. There’s something about this place that just feels otherworldly. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is definitely the place for you, and there are many options to visit it.

2. Bright white salt

The salt flat is covered with a thick layer of white salt, which is why it is so bright. It is covered with a thick layer of white salt up to 10 meters thick, which is why it is so bright. In addition, when the sun reflects, it generates an effect that turns it into a layer of “diamonds” and in the rainy season, the famous mirror effect is produced.

salar de uyuni mirror effect

3. Giant cacti

In the middle of this salt flat are giant cacti 🌵. The cacti are believed to be around 1000 years old. And they are huge! Some of them are over 20 meters tall. The cacti are a popular tourist attraction, and many people come to Uyuni Salt Flat to see them. If you’re planning a trip to Uyuni, make sure to add the cacti to your list of things to see!

giants cactus in incahuasi island

4. Roaming llamas

Have you ever wanted to see roaming llamas in the Uyuni Salt Flat? If so, you’re in luck! Every year, thousands of llamas make their way to the Uyuni Salt Flat to graze on the salt-rich grasses. The llamas are attracted to the high mineral content of the grasses, which is essential for their diet.

If you’re planning a trip to the Uyuni Salt Flat, be sure to add a stop at the llama grazing grounds to your itinerary. You won’t be disappointed!

colorada lagoon salar de uyuni

5. Hot springs

One of the coolest things to do in Uyuni Salt Flat is to relax in a hot spring. There are several hot springs in Uyuni Salt Flat, all of which are located near the border with Chile. The most popular one is probably Termas de Polques, which is also the largest and most developed hot spring in the area. However, there are also several smaller and more remote hot springs that are definitely worth checking out.

So if you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate in a natural setting, hot springs in Uyuni Salt Flat are definitely worth a visit.

polque hot springs

6. Sulfur lakes

Sulfur lakes are one of the most unique features of the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia. These strange and beautiful lakes are actually pools of melted sulfur that have cooled and solidified.

The lakes come in all sorts of vibrant colors, from bright yellow to deep orange. And the views from the lakes are simply breathtaking. If you’re ever in Bolivia, be sure to check out these one-of-a-kind sulfur lakes!

sulfur lakes

7. Incredibly clear night skies

If you’ve ever wanted to see the stars in all their glory, you need to head to the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia. This vast stretch of flat, white ground is the perfect place to stargaze, as there are no lights or buildings to block your view. And when there’s a full moon, the salt flat is even more magical – it turns into a giant mirror that reflects the moonlight, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

salar de uyuni at night

8. Strange rock formations

Have you ever seen something so strange that it doesn’t seem real? That’s how we felt when we saw these rock formations in the Uyuni Salt Flat. The rocks look like they’ve been sculpted by some unseen hand, but they’re actually completely natural.

It’s hard to believe anything could live here, let alone these strange rock formations. But the rocks are just one of the many reasons to visit this amazing place.

 strange rock formations

9. Flocks of pink flamingos

Did you know that flamingos are pink because of the food they eat? It’s true – these beautiful birds get their pink coloring from the beta carotene in their diet. And where do they find all this beta carotene? In the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia, of course!

This strange and wonderful place is home to huge flocks of pink flamingos. The salty water of the flats is teeming with algae and other organisms that the flamingos feed on. And as they wade in the shallow waters, their feathers take on a beautiful pink hue.

Flamingos in Laguna Colorada Uyuni

10. A train cemetery

Yes. Inside the Uyuni Salt Flat there is a totally abandoned train station. A jumble of iron that were once the means of transportation for mining and that today are a spectacle. About 100 wagons are in the area, and many travelers take advantage of it as a backdrop for their photos on social networks. We leave you here a post about the history of the train cemetery. The truth is that it is a curious and striking point of the Salar de Uyuni.

Locomotive in the Train Cemetery

In conclusion, there are many surprises inside the Uyuni Salt Flat. From its vast size to its unique landscape, there is much to explore inside this natural wonder. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to add a visit to the Uyuni Salt Flat to your itinerary.


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