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amazon animals

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When you think of the Amazon Rainforest, a giant tropical rainforest full of life, but above all, of mysteries, comes to mind. This central region located in South America is known for being the lungs of the world and for be the home for immense natural wealth in terms of flora and, above all, fauna that is unique in the world. In today’s post, we talk about the 5 Amazon animals that you will discover if you get lost in the jungle, and not all of them will be particularly friendly:

The pink dolphin

This characteristic Amazonian dolphin is also known by the nickname of tonina. The main peculiarity of this mammal is that, unlike the classic dolphin that we can see in the sea, the pink dolphin is a freshwater dolphin.

amazon pink dolphin

The pink dolphin is characterised by very small eyes and a long, flat dorsal fin. These dolphins do not resemble common saltwater dolphins, they can weigh 184 kilograms and measure 2.5 metres. In addition, their head is large compared to other dolphin species.

Its pink colour appears with age. The mouth is pointed like a bottle, and although it is a large animal, many specialists define it as friendly and investigative. If you take a trip to the Iquitos Jungle, the Peruvian Amazon, it is very likely that you will see some of them and as our colleague Javier tells us in his experience in Iquitos, you may even see them while swimming.

Howler monkey

One of the most popular Amazon animals is the hairy and noisy howler monkey. A name that doesn’t fool the visitor who gets to meet it in person, as it spends a large part of its waking day making a racket that doesn’t go unnoticed by its Amazonian fauna neighbours. Come on, he makes his presence felt.

amazon howler monkey

The howls come from the males of the herd, and although there are many of them, there is only one dominant adult male. One of the reasons why this incredible monkey howls is to let the other herds know where he is located. I’m sure you’ll notice it too if you travel to the Cuyabeno Reserve in Ecuador, it’s certainly earned the name “howler”.

They only eat leaves from trees and spend so much energy howling that they are all lazy, spending more than 15 hours a day sleeping.


A large predator could not be missing from this list: the Amazon caiman. It is a beautiful and at the same time dangerous animal that can be found in the surroundings and in the most wet areas, so if you travel to Puerto Maldonado it is possible that you may see one.

amazon cayman

With a size of around 7 metres long, this is the largest predatory reptile in Latin America. It can be easily distinguished from the classic crocodile because its mouth is thinner. Among its favourite foods are birds, snakes, and even frogs.


Imagine a snake so big that it could swallow a cow. That’s the anaconda: a unique and enormous snake that you can see if you visit the Rurrenabaque jungle, in the Bolivian Amazon. Don’t worry, they have everything under control there and there is no danger.

Originally from the boa family, its main habitat is rivers, although it can also be found coiled in trees.

amazon anaconda

They feed on any animal they can digest in one bite, even if it is larger than the snake itself. When eating, it swallows the prey whole and does not eat again until it has finished digesting, which takes several weeks.

Its characteristic color is dark green with black oval spots. And of we talk about its size… the largest anaconda found in the Amazon measured just over 8.5 meters in length.


This beautiful animal whose spots are loved by anyone, is an essential part of the tropical rainforest of South America. It is thelargest feline found in this region, and is in danger of extinction.

amazon jaguar

The jaguar can weigh more than 90 kilos. Its short and strong body makes it agile when hunting its prey and its color varies between pale yellow and reddish-brown tones. It is known for being a solitary and nocturnal animal, as it hunts at sunset.

As you can see, the Amazon is home to a lot of animals, and just seeing them is a spectacle of nature. Of course, always listen to the guides when you visit the jungle. They have everything under control and know the jungle inside out. What do you think of these animals? Would you like to see them or are you afraid of them? 😉


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