Essentials in the suitcase of your trip to Latin America

imprescindibles en la maleta para latinoamerica

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If you’ve come this far, it’s because your next trip is coming up and you’re wondering which ones have to be the essential items in your travel suitcase to Latin America.

When you plan a trip, one of the most important parts to enjoy your stay is to pack your suitcase with everything you need, combining your personal needs with the conditions of the destination.

Here we tell you what items you should pack in your suitcase or backpack if you want to experience a Latin American adventure.

Clothes according to the climate

The first thing you need to do is to find out what the usual temperature is in the areas you are going to visit for the dates of your trip.

It won’t be the same travelling to Sian Ka’an in México and where you will have to wear comfortable summer clothes, than visiting the Perito Moreno glacier where you will have to be prepared with clothes for sports and much warmer.

And even if you have not much time left to leave and you find the weather forecasts available, consult them as they will be very useful to better adapt your luggage to what you are going to need.

In Latin America, temperatures are very changeable from day to night, and from north to south, so you should be very cautious and prepare for all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions.

First of all, you should know that you will have to be selective. Fill your suitcase with clothes in a smart way and do not load yourself with clothes or articles that you know you are not going to use. The important thing is to take the essentials so as not to carry too much weight.

essential items to travel in your suitcase

Backpack/Suitcase and medium-sized rucksack

When travelling in this part of the world, one of the most important things is comfort. That is why it is advisable to opt for lightweight suitcases or backpacks. In addition to a large suitcase, it is essential to always carry a medium-sized backpack with enough room for two days’ worth of changes of clothes.

On the Machu Picchu tour you will have to take trains that do not allow heavy suitcases. So you will have to leave your suitcase in the city of Cuzco where there are safe places to store them and you can pick them up on your return from the tour.

It will also be important to know how to prepare your trekking backpack. Just in case you are trekking in the mountains like on the Torres del Paine W trek. You will have to carry it all the way and it can be a bit heavy.

hikers in backpacks

Mosquito kit

Another key element in your suitcase is to carry a mosquito kit. Because due to the climate of the place and the large amount of vegetation, you will encounter thousands of insects. It is also one of the essential items in your travel suitcase to the jungle.

For this reason, carrying repellents to avoid being bitten is ideal. And in case any of them reach their target, you can also carry ointments to cure and relieve the bites.

You don’t want mosquitoes to ruin your trip during your Iquitos jungle tour!

Sunglasses and sunscreen

For any trip, it is advisable to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. The cream will prevent skin burns that can cause discomfort or discomfort during the trip and the sunglasses will help you to rest your eyes from the strong light that can damage your eyes.

If you’re in a tour on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, sunglasses are almost a must as there is a lot of sun glare on the salt.

sun glasses and sunscreen

Umbrella or rain jacket

You never know when a storm will hit. So be prepared and always carry an umbrella or rain jacket in your backpack. It should be another must-have in your suitcase, wherever you go!

Taking a small, windproof, collapsible umbrella can save you from getting wet if you find yourself travelling in the wilderness.

Although if you prefer rain jackets, it’s another option that’s a little more comfortable and gives you more freedom if you’re hiking in Ciudad Perdida in Colombia.

You never know when it might start raining!

hikers in rain jackets

Power adapter

Something essential nowadays due to the large number of electronic items we carry with us, from mobiles to cameras… is to take a power adaptor with us wherever we travel.

Besides, you won’t find the same sockets if you are travelling in Ecuador as if you are travelling in Chile. So you should find out what type of plug they have in the place you are going to visit and be well prepared.

They also sell universal power adapters with all the plug options in the world. If you are going to visit several countries on the same adventure or even for future trips, it is a very good investment.

power adapter

First aid kit

If you think prevention is better than cure and you’re going to be away from home for several days, you can pack a small first aid kit with paracetamol, plasters or gauze in your suitcase.

You may need to take some medicine and you may not be near a pharmacy or shop where they sell what you need. So it will be useful to carry the medicines you think you will need in your suitcase.

Now you know the essential items in your travel suitcase to Latin America. So don’t wait any longer and get to work, would you add anything else?


Lily is happy with a backpack on her back. Every year she travels through one country in Latin America and has repeated several times, especially Peru where she says she feels at home (although she says the same about Argentina, Chile and Bolivia).

She loves ceviche, hiking and Sunday picnics with her friends, although whenever you ask her, she's always planning her next destination.

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