What is Area 51 and why so much mystery?

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You have probably asked yourself more than once what area 51 is and why there is so much mystery about it. Of course, it is becoming more and more famous but nobody knows for sure what exactly it is hiding.

So if you are going to travel to the United States or are just curious about this enigmatic area, read on!

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What is Area 51?

Area 51 also known as Groom Lake, Homey Airport is actually a Nellis Air Force Base. Although according to the CIA, the correct designation for the facility is the Nevada Test and Training Ground and Groom Lake.

This was a secret US military base where “top secret” tests were conducted since the mid-twentieth century. And it was not until 2013 that the United States Government acknowledged its existence.

This has led to it being considered a mysterious place and there is a belief that aliens and UFOs that would have come to earth are kept there. This is the reason why it has become such a tourist attraction, considering that today it is even possible to go on excursions in Area 51 of the United States.

In them, you can observe the uninhabited landscapes and be a witness to this very secret place. And even if you don’t go inside the area because it is forbidden, who knows, maybe you can even find some aliens around!

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Where is the Groom Lake?

Area 51 is a section of land of about 155 km2 in Lincoln County, south of the State of Nevada in the United States AND 135 km north of Las Vegas.

It occupies 7,543 square kilometres that cannot be entered, even from the air. Thanks to Google maps, however, we can get an idea of what this terrain hides.

What mysteries does area 51 hide?

The mysteries about this area have always revolved around the secrecy maintained by the United States government. It is an area that does not allow access to the civilian population and its airspace is also closed to civilian aircraft.

Moreover, the US government has not specified what kind of investigation or operations are carried out in this sinister place. And while it is said that the area is being used to support the development and testing of new weapons, numerous conspiracy theories related to extraterrestrials have also been unleashed. The government is said to be hiding aliens and technology from space.

Among the mystery, the lack of information and even the statements of some so-called workers who have claimed to participate in the study of aliens, this dark belief has been created that seems to be taken from a film.

Area 51 alien center

Now that you know a little more about Area 51, maybe it’s time to travel there and discover by yourself what this area is hiding. Do you think there will be aliens?


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