When is the best time to visit Perito Moreno?

Perito Moreno from the walkways

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Who has not thought about living a experience in Perito Moreno? And who has not wondered what is the best time to visit Perito Moreno? That’s life, from one question three are born, but if something generates doubts it’s because it’s worth it. We will try to help you make the decision so that your head stops spinning as soon as possible.

Visiting Perito Moreno in spring

Spring in Argentina begins on September 21 and, although in many places talk of spring is synonymous with heat, in El Calafate it is not exactly like that. Don’t be discouraged because there is a surge in temperatures, but when we are talking about Patagonia it is not surprising that it doesn’t get above 15ºC during the day.

Hiker in Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno in spring is a good option, not only because of the temperature, because it is not yet high season as it is in summer. If it were not for the extraordinary situation of the COVID, all excursions would be active and the Minitrekking Perito Moreno and the Big Ice Perito Moreno could be done. Visiting hours to museums or other places of interest are also longer at dusk later in the evening.

Perito Moreno in summer

From December to March is the time when most tourists, both domestic and international, decide to visit the Perito Moreno. The hottest month is January, when it reaches 20ºC during the day.

Although the weather is a good reason to visit Perito Moreno in summer, the change in temperature causes more ice to melt which increases the chances of contemplating the Perito Moreno rupture.

Perito Moreno rupture into the water

The biggest drawback is that it’s high season and that means a price increase in activities, museums and gastronomic offerings. Needless to say, it is a very crowded time when you will have to book months in advance to avoid running out of accommodation and excursions.

Perito Moreno in autumn

Autumn (March to June), like spring, is a good time to travel because it is a period that is midway between the mild temperatures of summer and the cold of winter. They say that the middle ground is where the balance lies.

In addition to the temperature, traveling in autumn means you won’t find masses of tourists and exorbitant prices. If you decide to visit Perito Moreno in autumn, you should keep in mind that in May the Big Ice Perito Moreno stops operating and will not be reactivated until spring, at the end of September.

Hiker staring at Perito Moreno

Visiting Perito Moreno in winter

Winter (from June to September) is a month of extremes. There are those who do not even think of visiting Perito Moreno in its coldest months and those who clearly prefer the winter season. Why? The prices are much cheaper, the tourist occupation is lower, and the excursions can be contracted from one day to the next.

Temperature table






15 ºC

59 ºF

20 ºC

68 ºF

11 ºC

52 ºF

6 ºC

43 ºF


10 ºC

50 ºF

14 ºC

57 ºF

7 ºC

45 ºF

2 ºC

36 ºF


5 ºC

41 ºF

8 ºC

46 ºF

-1 ºC

30 ºF

-3 ºC

27 ºF

I wish there was a correct answer, it would be easier! The truth is that the best time to visit Perito Moreno is the one you choose, according to your preferences. We have given you the information and now the task you have to do is to study and evaluate it. Do you prefer less cold temperatures? Do you want to avoid the crowds? Perito Moreno is 100% available for you, so the decision is 100% up to you. Do you already know which is your best option?


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