When does Perito Moreno glacier rupture happens?

desprendimiento perito moreno

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You are planning your trip to Argentina and of course, you can’t stop reading about the most spectacular glacier of the gaucho country in the middle of Patagonia. You know its dimensions, you have studied the minitrekking excursion on the Perito Moreno glacier and you have seen a repertoire of videos imagining a perfect journey at low temperatures.

Of course, you are not satisfied with the Big Ice trekking anymore, what you are looking for is the Perito Moreno collapse, you are insatiable! Well, we tell you what is, when does it happen, the last Perito Moreno collapses and how it affects the climate change.

What is Perito Moreno rupture?

We are not geologists and we don’t want to be smart asses, but we are going to try to explain in a simple way what happens to Perito Moreno when it collapses. Here we go!

The Perito Moreno glacier advances, that is why it is said to be a living glacier. When it advances and is placed between Brazo Rico and Canal de Los Témpanos the water cannot pass from the first to the second, but of course the level keeps increasing. When the pressure is too much, the water begins to filter into the glacier erosioning it. We don’t spoil what happens then, but we guarantee that you won’t forget the experience on Perito Moreno.

Perito Moreno satellite view

When does Perito Moreno glacier rupture happen?

If it happens, it is most likely to take place during the summer, specifically in March. This is not a mathematical rule and depends on many climatic and topographical factors, in 2008 it happened in winter for the first time.

It is not possible to predict and not every year detachment of Perito Moreno collapses, what is clear is that each detachment is unique and unrepeatable, like any phenomenon of nature.

Latest Perito Moreno glacier rupture

The first time that Perito Moreno glacier collapsed in the 21st century was in 2004. It took place again in 2006 and 2008. Four by four it happened in 2012 and 2016. Do you see the pattern? It seems that the average time varies from two to four years, the truth is that this time has been shortened, because in the 20th century the detachments were not so frequent.

In March 2018 the last break of the Perito Moreno took place. Well, actually there was a small rupture of the Perito Moreno glacier at the end of 2019, but much more modest than in previous years. It is not possible to foresee if it will happen again in 2020 because, as we have already said, it is something unpredictable.

Climate change

The great Perito Moreno glacier seems to be the only one that has not been affected by the well-known and fearsome climate change. It is the only one, because the rest of the glaciers around it once they are detached, do not regenerate. This is probably the reason why the water pressure is rising and the Perito Moreno is breaking up more often. Climate change is lurking!

Glaciers affected by climate change

Of course, if you are lucky enough to enjoy this phenomenon, you can clear your wish list. If you don’t get it, don’t be sorry you can enjoy a quiet but exciting boat trip or a guided tour of the most interesting places. There is Perito Moreno for all tastes!


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