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Do you know where the Iguazu Falls are?

where are the iguazu falls

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We are sure you have seen millions of images of the Iguazu Falls. But do you really know where they are located?

Don’t worry, there are many more people like you…

If you’re thinking of traveling to Latin America and want to visit this wonder of nature, we tell you where are the Iguazu Falls, so you can put it on your list of places to see on your next trip to South America.

Where are the Iguazu Falls?

Are they in Argentina, or are they in Brazil, or maybe they are in Paraguay?

Yes, it is common to have this doubt.

The truth is that very close to the Iguazu Falls, is the Triple Border. This is that the Iguazu River, at its meeting with the Parana River, creates a triple border between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, resulting in one of the best river routes in South America.

About 20 kilometers east of the Triple Frontier, are the Iguazu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Latin America. This area of the Iguazu River, in turn, serves as border between Brazil and Argentina, making it much more confusing to know which country they belong to.

As a curiosity, this section of the Iguazu River is inside a different national park depending on the side where it is located. On the Argentine side, it is in the Iguazu National Park, while if you want to visit the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side, you will be visiting the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu.

Iguazu Falls by country

Whichever side you choose to see them on, your excursion can depart from Puerto Iguazu on the Argentine side, or from Foz de Iguaçu on the Brazilian side.

In total, the Cataratas are made up of 275 falls, 80% of them on the Argentine side. Yes or yes, it is one of the must-sees in Argentina.

The most spectacular jump is undoubtedly the Diablo’s Throat. This is the jump with the highest water flow, as well as the highest, about 80 meters. Because of its spectacular nature, we won’t lie to you if we tell you that it is one of the most photographed places in South America.

In case you think the importance of the Devil’s Throat is not enough, we will tell you that through its surface, passes the borderline that separates the two countries. That is, both Brazil and Argentina, are part of this impressive waterfall.

So, when you are asked next time if you know where are the Iguazu Falls, we are sure you will be able to answer correctly.

That said, which side do you feel more like visiting? Or do you prefer both sides so you don’t miss any corner of this wonder of nature?

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