The most impressive river routes in South America

iguazu falls in argentina

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Latin America is one of the epicenters what is known as river tourism. A group of countries surrounded by saltwater and, therefore, with large and fast-flowing rivers. Therefore, below we are going to show you some of the river routes in South American, where you can enjoy freshwater cruises and many other activities characteristic of each river.

Amazon River, the South American river route par excellence

We begin our list of impressive river routes in South America with the most famous of all: the Amazon River. On the Iquitos Jungle Tour you can enjoy the authentic natural experience around its waters and jungle. The Iquitos jungle experience is one of the most recommended by our partner Javier.

To put you in the situation, this is the longest and largest river in the world, with a length of more than 7,062 km and 209,000 m3/s, accounting for about one-fifth of the liquid freshwater on the planet.

green amazon on river route

Its birth takes place in Peru, flows through Colombia and finally embarks in Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounding the river is the great “lung of the planet”, the Amazon rainforest, creating a great tropical diversity.

Anacondas and caimans are some of the animals you can see in the Amazon.

Beni River, a affluent of the Amazon

The Beni River is one of the most plentiful rivers in all of Latin America. Its waters are found only in Bolivia, although at its meeting with the Madre de Dios River, they form the Madeira River, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon.

On the Madidi Natural Park Tour, you can explore this part of the Bolivian jungle, so rich in flora and fauna diversity.

sunset beni river

Without a doubt, the Bolivian Amazon jungle experience, in Rurrenabaque, is an incredible journey deep into the jungle.

Magdalena River, Colombia’s most important river route

The Magdalena River rises in Colombian lands and flows into the Caribbean Sea. On its banks are settled 129 municipalities, 23 regional autonomous corporations, 46 indigenous reserves, and two peasant reserve areas, which is a protected territory where state lands are distributed to peasants.

magdalena river basin in colombia

This river has areas where it is possible to navigate. To tour some of these places there is the option of boarding a boat reconstructed from the old colonial ships called “Florentino Ariza” and get into the history while enjoying a trip on the water.

Paraná River route

Located in central-eastern South Americaa, it is a border river between the countries of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, the latter being the country where it is born.

The name Paraná, comes from the Guarani culture and means “relative of the sea”. Nowadays it is mainly used as a commercial route, but you can navigate it as it passes through Rosario (Argentina) watching the impressive manta rays that populate the Paraná River in this stretch.

One of its main tributaries is the Iguazu River, known worldwide for the Iguazu Falls. Although this upper section of the river is not navigable, it is possible to take a tour of the Iguazu Falls downstream.

iguazu falls in parana river

Uruguay River

Together with the Paraguay and Parana rivers, they form the La Plata basin. In addition, these three rivers bathe the forests from which the popular yerba mate, so widely consumed in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, is extracted.

It is born in Brazil but it acts as a border or separation with Argentina and Uruguay. A place to enjoy the experience of fishing for freshwater aquatic animals. Carps or doradas are some of them, which you can eat next to a bonfire in some quiet shore of this beautiful river.

It also has areas where it is not allowed to navigate due to the strong currents and slopes along its waters. In its course, we can find small river islands.

Orinoco River route, the second largest river in South America

This river is found mainly in Venezuelan lands also entering Colombian territory. It is approximately 2140 kilometers long, making it the fourth-longest river in South America.

orinoco with houses in venezuela

The Orinoco River is navigable almost in its entirety, allowing ocean-going vessel traffic as far as Ciudad Bolivar, where the Angostura Bridge is located, 435 km from the mouth. In addition to visiting the jungle surrounding its waters, you can see local birds and fish piranhas in its waters.

Do you know some more river routes in South America? Did you know about these important rivers? We read you!


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