Best cities to visit in Bolivia: the 6 most beautiful ones

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Bolivia enchants with its customs, traditions and cities. Localities that shine on their own with welcoming inhabitants. So, for you to get to know the best of the country, here are the best cities to visit in Bolivia that will make your trip a unique experience.

We can assure you that as you learn more and more about the country, you will want to visit the Bolivian country. Here is the complete guide to visit Bolivia, in case you need some ideas for your travel planning.

So, let’s start with our top list of the best cities to visit in Bolivia that you can’t miss 🙂


Oruro city views

On our checklist of the best cities to visit in Bolivia is Oruro.
This region is located in the west of the country and is a must-go. If what you want is to discover the local essence, colors and good vibes, this municipality is what you are looking for.

Also, it is very close to the Salar de Uyuni, one of the biggest attractions of Bolivia. The views left by this salt flat are breathtaking and are best enjoyed with the Salar de Uyuni three day tour, with transportation and guide included.

On the other hand, if you want to experience the salt flat in a more intimate and luxurious way, the Uyuni Salt Flats Premium Private Tour will suit you.

The denomination of this city comes from the Urus, the ancestral people who inhabited the territory before the arrival of the spanish people.

Many try to summarize Oruro in a few words: it is the fifth most populated in the country, one of highest in Latin America (about 12200 ft) and known for celebrating one of the incredible carnivals in Latin America: the Oruro Carnival.

But the truth is that this town is much more. Strolling through its streets and enjoying the local establishments is unique. For this very reason it is one of the best cities to visit in Bolivia.

Oruro Carnival Parade

La Paz

Whether you know Bolivia a little or a lot, you’re sure to have heard of La Paz, a must-visit Bolivian city. Now you will know a little more about this wonderful place.

First of all, where is it located? Well, like Oruro, it is located to the west, but more to the north. Being on a high plateau it is surrounded by huge mountains such as Illimani, the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real and the second highest in the country.

Then, it is not surprising that it also belongs to the group of the highest cities in Latin America such as Oruro with its 11800 ft of altitude.

La Paz city views

Visiting a high altitude city like this can be scary but the satisfaction of being able to enjoy it is equivalent to reaching the top of the mountain you’re climbing and taking in the views.

La Paz is the third largest town in Bolivia, and is it also the capital? If you’ve already read our post about which is the capital of Bolivia, Sucre or La Paz, you’ll know that La Paz is the political and governmental center.

Its enormous dimensions and altitude have somehow forced the teleferico to be the transport par excellence of the area. The cable car connects all the city and also El Alto. So if you are traveling in this region, the information about the La Paz Cable Car will help you.

La Paz views

Also, La Paz preserves some magic and witchcraft. We talk about the the Witches Market. In short, it is more than evident why this locality is one of the best cities in Bolivia to visit.

The Witches Market La Paz

El Alto

El Alto is the next city you can’t miss if you visit Bolivia. Not only for its great cable car that connects it with La Paz, but also for its great historical and cultural value that it shares with this town. Both are located in the same region, in the west of the country.

We are talking about one of the highest cities in Latin America, the second most populated and of the youngest in the country (1985).

El Alto city views


Another of thebest cities to visit in Bolivia is Sucre, one of the highest in the American continent and located southwest of the Bolivian territory.

Despite not being one of the most populated, Sucre is the constitutional capital and has great historical value.

The tranquility of strolling through its streets and visiting the historic center which is Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO is one of the great pleasures of Latin America. Emblematic buildings characterize the city and represent its colonial era.

Only for its historic center, Sucre, is one of the best cities to visit in Bolivia.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Santa Cruz de la Sierra takes the medal for most populous and most economically important. It is located on the banks of the Piraí River, in the center of the territory. For this reason, it is on the list of the best cities in Bolivia not to be missed.

The economic prosperity of the municipality goes hand in hand with the increase of its population and tourists. A third of travelers to Bolivia visit Santa Cruz de la Sierra for its surprising corners and varied architecture.

Views of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

La Cochabamba

The list of the best cities to visit in Bolivia is coming to an end. And to leave you with a good taste in your mouth we introduce you to … Cochabamba! Located in the center of the country.

The paradise of Cochabamba is real, it is in the middle of the valley and that is why it is a land rich in crops. In short, here you will find the raw material of the 5 Bolivian food dishes that we like the most.

But, Cochabamba also stands out for its architectural buildings, just like Sucre, it maintains the legacy of the Spanish. We are talking about picturesque corners that you will find in your walks through the “City of eternal spring“.

To bid farewell to the city could not miss the Christ of Concord, a monument of Jesus taller than the one in Rio de Janeiro. If you have read our post about the fun facts about Bolivia you would probably know this fact.

Christ of Concord in Cochabamba

Oooh, the tour of the most beautiful and the best cities to visit in Bolivia has come to an end. Now you just need to go on an adventure and discover them yourself. Do you dare?


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