5 Bolivian food dishes you should try

bolivian food

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It is not surprising that if you are going to travel to Bolivia, you have thought about the Bolivian food you want to try, because good food is one of the many traditions of the country..

To make your mouth water, today we’re going to tell you which typical Bolivian food we like the most. Don’t forget to try them when you go! And if you can’t wait, you can always recreate them at home, so let’s get started!


The silpancho is a dish consisting of rice, potatoes, breaded beef, egg, and a salad of tomato, onion, locoto, and parsley. However, it has variations depending on where you try it. It is undoubtedly a very complete dish and it’s perfect to get your strength back after visiting the Salar de Uyuni.

silpancho bolivian food

Pique macho

The Pique macho consists of beef, sausages, boiled eggs, peppers, onions, and tomatoes with fried potatoes and a sauce, usually ketchup and mayonnaise.

Although the recipe is originally from Cochabamba, nowadays you can find it in almost anywhere else in Bolivia, so don’t leave without trying it!

pique macho


The anticucho is grilled beef heart served with potatoes on a skewer. It is served with a spicy peanut sauce that you will love.

It is a very typical food that represents the richness of Bolivian gastronomy and it is also one of the cheapest dishes in the country.


Bolivian Friccasse

The Bolivian fricassee is a dish that comes from French culinary tradition and is made with pork, black chuño (dried potato) and corn. It is seasoned with onion and aji panca, which is what gives it its characteristic reddish colour. It is a very delicious dish, perfect after a tour through the Bolivian Amazon, and in this area they make it great.

bolivian friccasse

Maní Soup (Peanut Soup)

Peanut soup or maní soup as it is called in Latam, is based on peanuts, rice, peas, and potatoes, and is usually accompanied by pieces of meat or chicken. Although it has many variations and even macaroni is sometimes added.

This is one of the most traditional recipes of Bolivian food and is ideal for colder days thanks to its high calorie content.

peanut soup bolivian food

As always, we speak from our experience and from what we have tasted, so we’re sure we’ve left out some Bolivian food. We’ll have to travel to Bolivia to discover them! Do you know any more? Tell us about them in the comments!


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