When is the best time to go to Torres del Paine?

cuando ir a torres del paine

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Have you ever heard about the incredible landscapes in Chile and now you are planning your trip? Here we tell you the best time to go to Torres del Paine, one of the most beautiful national parks in Latin America, which should definitely be on your list.

To get there, you can choose to go for a single day, or even for several days. The W Circuit is the most famous, while the O Circuit is the longest tour of the Natural Park. In case you are curious, the origin of its name is due to its shape, among other differences.

Tourists enjoying in Torres del Paine

The park offers wonderful landscapes all year round but they change completely depending on the season you decide to visit it. To make the best decision, here we not only tell you what is the best time to go to Torres del Paine but also what are the pros and cons of each of the seasons, what is the climate like, and how crowded it is.

Travel to Torres del Paine according to the weather

The best time to travel to this natural paradise is undoubted during summer. The temperatures during this season are relatively higher than in winter. Although there are no great differences, the average temperature during these months is around 9ºC, even having days of up to 17ºC. Without a doubt, this is also the best time to go on a kayak trip on the Grey Glacier. Despite this, you have to keep in mind that summer is the rainiest season of the year, so make sure you carry waterproof clothing in your luggage.

The weather in winter in Torres del Paine borders on the extreme. The maximum temperatures during these months hardly exceed 0ºC, so we don’t want to think about the minimums! Snowstorms and strong winds can be your day to day. But if you’re into extremes, we won’t be the ones to take your mind off this trip. Just make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes and waterproof gear and enjoy your adventure.

Tourist enjoying the views in Torres del Paine

The circuits in Torre del Paine

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Torres del Paine National Park will be closed until further notice*

Please note, that day trips are available all year round. However, if you are going to do one of the two circuits (W or O), you will need to stay in one of the refuges located in the park. These refuges are only open from October to April, so we recommend you to travel during this time.

The only thing we recommend is that you should go during the first part of the season since some of the hotels close before the season ends.

Depending on the weather conditions, the shelters may also open during the winter season. This decision is made by the park’s regulatory agency (CONAF). Therefore, if you are planning to do the W Circuit during the winter season, make sure that you will be able to stay at one of the shelters in the area first.

When will there be more visitors in Torres del Paine?

Due to its pleasant temperatures, summer season, and especially from December to February, the park is usually more crowded. If you are looking to meet new people with your same interests, this season will be the most suitable.

Animal in Torres del Paine

In contrast, if what you are looking for is the tranquillity of going through the whole park, just you and nature, at the beginning or the end of the season (months of October, April, or May will be the moment you enjoy the most).

And if you like extreme conditions and the winter season allows it, visiting Torres del Paine in July or August will ensure you find few adventurers like you, but surely with many things in common.

So, what is the best time to visit Torres del Paine?

As we told you, December is a good time because it is hot, you can enjoy the long days and all the activities that there are to do. You can meet people with the same hobbies as you and go through all the routes that the park offers. However, it is also possible that the park will be too crowded.

Spring and autumn are wonderful times. Although it may still be cold at night, it’s not too hot or too cool during the day. This season is characterized by not too many people going and the only disadvantage may be the variety of the weather, which can make your trip change.

Family visiting Torres del Paine
Winter is probably the most complicated season. It is usually quite cold and even if you are walking, the cold gets tired. There may be some wonderful views for those who love photography but due to the difficulty of the trails and the climate, only expert hikers are recommended.

Now take your time to decide based on your preferences and once you are there just enjoy what will be one of the best experiences of your life. For more information, here you have the experience in Torres del Paine of our partner Javier who will be able to give you a couple of ideas and advice for your own trip.

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