What to bring to Torres del Paine: Tips you should know.

que llevar a torres del paine

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Are you going to visit Torres del Paine visit Torres del Paine and you are worried because you don’t know what to pack in your bag? No problem! In this post, we explain to you what to take to Torres del Paine in a complete and easy way.

Why is important to know what to bring to Torres del Paine?

If you are going to Torres del Paine is because you are going to do one of its many circuits available, such as the W circuit or the O circuit that last more than one day. Although they are different, all the suggestions are equally useful for both of them.

Keep in mind that these are long hikes in the middle of nature so you should prepare your backpack considering what you would like to (or will be able to) carry on your back.

If this is not your case because you are only going to visit it one day it’s not a problem, these tips can be useful for you anyway. Keep reading!

What clothes should I take to Torres del PAine?

To know what clothes you should take in your backpack, it would be ideal if you first decided what time of the year you are going to Torres del Paine.

Even so, you should not forget that no matter what time of the year it is, in the mountains the weather is very variable so you have to be well equipped.

The next thing would be to know what kind of backpack you need to take. The idea is that you look for one that suits your size and weight and, very importantly, don’t fill it to the top, the lighter you go, the more comfortable you will be. Also, a good idea is to keep all the important items in waterproof bags since you never know when it might rain.

Regarding what clothes to put in your backpack… The ideal is to choose light but warm clothes and above all, clothes that are also waterproof. However, you should also organize your clothes according to the weather and the activities you are going to do, always taking just the necessary things. Don’t forget that in case you haven’t booked a carrier, you will have to carry it along during the excursion!

Some clothing items you should not forget to take

  • Pants: A good pair of trekking pants, light and quick-drying. They can be jeans or joggers but they must be elastic to be comfortable.
  • Clothes under jackets: Sweaters or sport and comfortable T-shirts. It is best to use several thin layers because they dry quickly and weigh little. Try to avoid wearing cotton clothes because when they get wet with your sweat, they weigh more and keep your body cold. The ideal is to use synthetic clothing such as polyester, polypropylene or chlorofibre.
  • Warm clothes: A jacket that is resistant to wind, low temperatures and water. This last layer should avoid the cold sensation that the Patagonian wind can generate. It must keep you dry from rain or snow and finally, be breathable.
  • Socks: To avoid injuries and control humidity. Although it is not necessary that they are technical.

And in summer, don’t wear red! There are mosquitoes that are attracted by that colour and won’t leave you alone.

What shoes to wear to Torres del Paine?

Footwear is one of the most important parts when making treks of this type so if you go to Torre del Paine you should look for comfortable and waterproof shoes. The most suitable ones are trekking shoes, with wide soles so you can walk well in the mountain.

Our advice is that if your shoes are new, you should use them a few days before starting your trip so that when it is time to wear them you do not have any problems. This way they will have adapted to your foot and you will be able to enjoy your journey at 100%.

Which kind of food should I take to Torres del Paine?

On the other hand, it is important to plan well what food you want to take with you in your backpack since there, it will be difficult to buy or more expensive. Although many tours to Torres del Paine National Park already include all meals during the period of your trip, it is never a bad idea to take some food with you:

  • Dry fruits
  • Cookies
  • Tuna
  • Bread

Especially caloric foods that are easy to carry in your backpack and don’t need to be refrigerated. You shouldn’t feel hungry!

Other tips on what to bring to Torres del Paine

zona de acampada en Torres del Paine

Many tours already include the tent and sleeping bags within the fare, this way you save yourself from carrying all this with you for days. Although you should not forget your sleeping bag in case you have not booked this service.

Other items that may become helpful on the trip:

  • Water bottle
  • Portable battery
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Mosquito repellent
  • A first aid kit with essential medication
  • A compass
  • Quick-drying towel

Do you already have a better idea of what to put in your backpack?

Well, don’t think about it anymore and start packing. Torres del Paine is waiting for you!


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