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camping serón

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You will only stay at the Camping Seron if you do the O Circuit, and it will be the first accommodation of your itinerary. It does not have a shelter, that is to say, you will stay in this accommodation in camping. If you are going to Torres del Paine to do this route and you are going to use Camping Serón, I will tell you what it is like and my opinion about it to clear up any doubts.

Location og Camping Seron

The Serón campsite is located 14 km from the starting point, which is the welcome center and where the Refugio Central is located.

The route to get there takes approximately 4 to 5 hours in total. Part of the way is along the Paine River, and the campsite itself is located on a grassy esplanade sheltered by small mountains.

camping seron map

What is the Camping Seron like?

This campsite only has a camping area and a small but warm common dining room with kitchen.

This is equipped with 3 tables, benches and a small bar that is used as a reception and sale of drinks and snacks. There is also a hot water dispenser for everyone’s use.

Meals and schedules

If you have booked half board, dinner is at 19h. You are served a hot spoon dish, a salad to share with the rest of the table, a main course with garnish (with a restaurant presentation of freshly ironed cloth napkin) and a rich homemade dessert.

outside camping seron

They serve breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and consists of cereal, a bowl of liquid yogurt, oat flakes, instant coffee, milk, toast with butter and jam, sliced cheese and scrambled eggs. A full battery of energy for a day of trekking!

dinning room
Dining Room

Camping areas

Camping Seron has two camping areas. On the one hand, you will find an area for those who bring their own tent. On the other hand, there is an area with the campsite’s own tents already set up on wooden platforms and equipped with mattresses (tatami type) and sleeping bag resistant to low temperatures.

The novelty of 2022/23 is the Premium Camping. These tents are mounted on a strong metal structure in which the sleeping area is high (approximately one meter from the ground).

camping area camping seron


It also has a roofed structure divided into 4 spaces: a shower with hot water and a toilet for boys and a shower with hot water and a toilet for girls, in which there is no shower gel/shampoo but there is toilet paper.

Common areas

For the campers there is a white tent with 2 wooden tables and benches, where they can cook and eat, because on windy or rainy days it is nice to be under a cover.

Right at the back of the shelter there is a sink where you can also fill your water bottles. In addition, half a dozen tables with benches can be found in the surrounding area. The domes there are for the use of the employees.

On the other hand, due to its location it has Wi-fi for a fee, which you can hire in the dining room itself with an approximate price of 10 USD for 1 hour (uninterrupted).

Opinion about Camping Seron

In our opinion, Camping Seron is a very family-oriented accommodation, with very good cuisine and a very pleasant atmosphere. Being used only during the O Circuit, its size is small, which makes it one of our favorite campsites. Remember that this area does not include shelter, so all travelers stay in camping.

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