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refugio cuernos

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The Cuernos Sector is a favorite among travelers. If your route is the O Circuit, Refugio Cuernos will be your fifth lodging, after Paine Grande. If on the other hand the route you have chosen is the W Trek, you will spend the third night in this lodging (in case you do it in the traditional direction, from Sector Central to Paine Grande).

💡 The Cuernos Sector is very close to the French Sector (only 3 kilometers away), so in either of the two routes, you will stay in one of the two refuges but not in both. In this post I tell you my opinion about the refugio Cuernos in case you pass by it so you can get an idea before visiting it.

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What the Refugio Cuernos is like

The Refugio Cuernos has only one floor. It has a dining room where they serve very good food, with long and narrow wooden tables. To make it more cozy and warm, it has a pellet stove. On the other hand, it also has a large bar area with beautiful views of Lake Nordenskjöld with a long bar and many board games. In addition, you will find a small reception for check-in, where they also sell basic necessities.

Types of accommodation

In this cozy wooden hut there are different types of accommodation:

Private cabins

private cabins refugio cuernos

They have a double bed with sheets and quilt and a trundle bed underneath, so it is for a maximum of 4 people. In each of the cabins there is a wood stove that is lit while you dine, but afterwards, you are in charge of maintaining the fire. Firewood is left at your disposal at the door.

The bathrooms and showers are in another area and there is hot water all day with shower gel dispensers.

bedrooms refugio cuernos

Shared Rooms

shared rooms refugio cuernos

They are located within the same shelter, and have 3-high bunks. However, the top bunk is rarely used, as it is considered a bit dangerous. Both the bathrooms and showers in these rooms are shared and have hot water 24 hours a day.

toilets refugio cuernos

Camping area

In this area you have two options: you can set up your own tent, or spend the night in the tents that are already set up. The latter are located on a wooden platform and have a sleeping bag and tatami mat.

camping area refugio cuernos

Glamping camping area

This area is available from this year, from 2023, and are eye-catching premium tents with extra comfort.

glamping refugio cuernos

Common areas for campers

All campers have a common area with toilets and showers with hot water 24 hours a day (although this is not yet modified in the information signs). Each shower has a gel dispenser and a stool to leave clothes or toiletries, very practical. 👌🏽

toilets refugio cuernos

On the other hand, they have a dining kitchen, which is located on one side of the shelter. In addition, there is also a room covered with colorful drawings that has a wood stove for the coldest days, as well as a kitchen and sink.

dining room refugio cuernos

Meals and schedules of the Cuernos refuge

If you have contracted full board, there are two dinner shifts: one at 7 pm and the other at 8 pm. You are served a hot spoon dish, a salad to share with the rest of the table, a main dish with garnish and a delicious homemade dessert.

Breakfast is served at 7 or 8 am, and consists of yogurt, cereals, instant coffee, milk, toast with butter and jam, bread, cheese and sliced sausage and scrambled eggs. After breakfast you can go to the kitchen bar to get your boxlunch.

dining room refugio cuernos

bar refugio cuernos

Water can be refilled in the bathrooms or in the campers’ kitchen (in the same sink). Finally, Wi-fi is available for a fee at different rates.

Our opinion

In our opinion, the Refugio Cuernos is a very cozy refuge, which by offering private rooms in cabins, is different from the rest. But not only for that, but also for its atmosphere, views, bar, kitchen… in short, it maintains the atmosphere of a small mountain refuge while offering 10-star services.

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