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Refugio Grey – Torres del Paine

refugio grey

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Refugio Grey is one of the largest mountain lodges in Torres del Paine. It is the fourth refuge where you will stay during the O Circuit. In this post we tell you what the Grey refuge is like, what you will find there, and our opinion about the lodging.

Location of the Refugio Grey

You will arrive at the Refugio Grey after Los Perros campsite. This part is one of the most intense and beautiful stages of the route. It takes17 km with 900 meters of positive elevation gain. On this route to the Grey refuge you will cross the John Gardner Pass and see the Grey Glacier, which makes it worth the effort.

As we said, this hut is on the O Circuit and is not included in the classic 5-day W Trek route. However, we have created the W Trek route in 6 days since we consider that thanks to the location of Grey Hut so close to Grey Glacier, it is an essential visit for travelers who do the W instead of the O. So, if you do the W route in one more day than usual, you can include the ice walk or Kayak on the Grey Glacier and visit the 3 hanging bridges near the refuge, it is well worth it.

What the Refugio Grey is like

This shelter has two floors and has its own kitchen and bar area. In addition, you will also find a dining room with large tables and sturdy benches, which has a capacity of approximately 70 people. On the other hand, in that same space there are wood stoves that maintain a good climate in the environment. Finally, there is a reception for check-in.

It also has a very pleasant terrace with wooden armchairs with incredible views of the Olguín Range, where condors can be seen. Many travelers take the opportunity to have a beer or welcome cocktail (courtesy of the house) after a hard day of hiking.

Water can be refilled in the bathrooms or in the kitchen. In addition, thanks to its location, Wi-Fi is available at various rates depending on the duration (1, 3 or 10 hours).

Rest area

Common areas

In the common areas you will find a bar/restaurant, restrooms for users, a lounge area with sofas to relax and a dining room where meals included in the full board are served.



When you enter the room area, you will find the bathrooms and showers with gel and hot water (not available from 00h to 6h). They have different rooms of various sizes; the most common are the shared rooms with 2 bunk beds and space to leave backpacks and belongings.

The beds have sheets and comforters. In addition, they also leave blankets at your disposal in case you need them. Another plus is a locker to leave your backpacks in case you check out before visiting the viewpoints or the kayaking or ice walking activities on the Grey Glacier that we mentioned before. Finally, there are wood stoves in the corridors to heat the rooms, which are usually lit in the middle of the afternoon.

Meals and schedules

In the Grey refuge there are 3 dinner shifts: at 18h, 19h or 20h. You will be served a hot spoon dish, a salad/garrison to share with the rest of the table, a main course and a delicious homemade dessert.

Breakfast is served at 7 or 8 am. It consists of yogurt, a bowl of oat flakes, instant coffee, milk, toast with butter and jam, cheese and sliced sausage and scrambled eggs. There are alternatives for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs, with prior notice.

Dining Room

Camping areas

The Grey shelter has two camping areas with a capacity for 120 people. On the one hand, the area for those who bring their own tent and on the other hand another area in which the tents of the campsite itself are already set up, with mats (tatami type) and sleeping bag resistant to low temperatures.

Camping Area

In the campers’ area, which is attached to the shelter, there are different spaces and a common porch. Here you will find a bar where you check-in and a grocery store where they sell hygiene and food essentials.

There are also showers with hot water and separate toilets for men and women. Finally there is also a kitchen-dining room with a long bench with a sink and several long tables with benches.

Our opinion on the Refugio Grey

Despite being quite large, the Refugio Grey is very cozy thanks to its location. In addition, the cooks do a good job and the staff is very friendly. If you are doing the O Circuit, they will offer you the possibility to have lunch at the refuge as the route to Paine Grande is short (3-4 hours). In our opinion this is a great gesture, since after 4 days of eating lunchbox lunch, it is appreciated to change the sandwich for a spoon dish.

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