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camping los perros torres del paine

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Los Perros is the most isolated sector of Torres del Paine National Park. You will only stay at Camping Los Perros if you do the O Circuit and it will be your third accommodation. Here we tell you what this campsite is like and my opinion about it.

Location of Camping Los Perros

Camping Los Perros is located 12 km from the Dickson refuge, on an ascending route that will take you 4 to 5 hours.

camping los perros

What is Camping Los Perros like?

This lodging, which can accommodate 120 people, does not have a shelter, that is to say, you will be staying in a camping site. What it does have is a building for common areas. In addition, like all lodging in Torres del Paine Park, it is located next to CONAF nurseries, which are posts where the park rangers stay. The rest of the structures in the Los Perros sector belong to CONAF or to the staff.

As mentioned above, this is the most isolated area of the park, so there is no wi-fi. On the other hand, you will have to take the garbage you generate during your stay with you. To give you an idea of how isolated this area is, the few supplies arrive by horseback from Dickson.

Depending on the weather you may encounter more mosquitoes than expected, so don’t forget your repellent if you decide to do the O-circuit. Here is a list of things to bring to Torres del Paine.

Common areas

common building camping los perros

The unique structure has 3 different areas:


Here you can check-in. In addition, it is also a grocery store with basic necessities: hygiene and food.

In the same reception you can rent a gas cooker for which you will have to buy the bottle (they sell it there too). On the other hand, they lend you basic utensils for cooking and eating.

Kitchen-dining room

As in the other shelters, there is a space for cooking and eating with a long bench and a sink, where you can refill your water bottles. There are also tables and benches.

dining room camping los perros


There are bathrooms for men and women, with two wc’s and a shower with cold water (little requested 😅).

bathrooms camping los perros

Camping area

The camping areas, as in all the campsites in the park, are divided into two areas. On one side are the wooden platforms with tents already set up (ready to use with their tatami and sleeping bag). And on the other side the area for campers who bring their own tent and sleeping bag.

tents camping los perros

inside tents camping los perros


At Los Perros campsite, there is no food service (neither breakfast nor lunch box). A novelty of this 2023, is that you can book dinner at the time of booking or afterwards. The dinner, unlike the other shelters, consists of a single hot spoon dish (lentils). The food services are changing, so if you have any doubts please contact us and we will give you the updated information.

Our opinion about Camping Los Perros

In our opinion it is a campsite that being so isolated and small, has a special charm, although it does not have the comfort of other campsites or shelters.

los perros glacier

We want to highlight the views of the Glacier Los Perros, which takes its name this area and is located very close to the accommodation. In fact it is the great gift after the route, which after a small climb impacts you with those views.

torres del painde lodging


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