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gastronomia de chie

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Getting to know the gastronomy of a country before visiting it is important to know a little more about it and to be surprised by the new flavours you can find. So, in case you are going to travel to Chile or you just feel like innovating a bit with your recipes in the kitchen, we are going to tell you about the gastronomy of Chile.

And as you probably already know what to see in Chile, all you need to know is what dishes you can try in each place of this wonderful South American country.

Typical food from the north of Chile

In the north, Chile’s gastronomy has been shaped by the contribution of indigenous cultures and is based on locoto, corn, oca, potato and quinoa.

So perhaps when you return to San Pedro de Atacama from your excursion to the Uyuni salt flats, you’ll want to try some of these typical local dishes:

Chilean ajiaco

Ajiaco is a dish made with leftover meat from large roasts, although it can also be prepared from scratch by seasoning some meat and roasting it in the oven. Potatoes, onions and some seasonings such as parsley and chilli are added to the broth from the roast meat.

It is a hot dish that is easy to prepare and perfect to replenish your strength. It is also very useful for making use of the leftover meat from roasts.

Chilean Ajiaco

Machas a la parmesana

Machas a la parmesana are a variety of Chilean clams that are baked with Parmesan cheese. And although it is a fairly modern dish, over the years several different versions have been created in which white wine is also added.

The fresher they are, the better, and they should be served with the shells themselves. The truth is that they have an exquisite flavour and are perfect to serve as a starter.

Machas a la parmesana

Typical dishes from central Chile

The gastronomy of central Chile has also had a varied indigenous contribution with the products of the land such as corn, beans and other types of vegetables. However, it also has contributions from Spanish customs and European influence.

Some of the best-known recipes are the following:

Porotos granados

Porotos granados is arguably one of Chile’s most representative dishes. The beans, which are beans, are usually cooked in a kind of stew to which mazamorra or pilco and green corn are added.

It is a hearty dish that is eaten all year round because, although it is hot, the beans are harvested at the end of spring. The beans are also cooked with noodles.

Porotos granados


Charquican is a traditional Chilean stew made with dehydrated meat, pumpkin, peas, corn, carrots and potatoes. Although there are actually many variations of the dish, as it is also eaten in other countries such as Bolivia and Peru.

It is also a very seasonal dish, as in summer, green beans, peas, corn… are added, while in winter it is cooked with pumpkin and potatoes. It looks great!


Gastronomy in the south of Chile

The gastronomy of southern Chile has also been influenced by Mapuche cuisine, which has contributed products such as maize, potatoes, pumpkins and Mapuche hens.

So if you’re in Puerto Natales, for example, or you’ve just been on a tour of Torres del Paine, these dishes are sure to help you get your strength back.

Curanto al hoyo

Curanto al hoyo is not only a meal, but it is also a celebration. It is a dish that is usually prepared for many people in a huge hole in the ground.

It has seafood, potatoes, beef, chicken… and seaweed, which serves to separate the food into layers. Everything is cooked with the embers on top of the hole, creating a unique and very special blend of flavours.

Curanto al hoyo


Chochoca is a typical Chilean dish consisting of a mass of grated and squeezed raw potatoes mixed with boiled potatoes and roasted over a fire for 30 minutes. Chicken, pork crackling, pumpkin and onions can be added.

It is usually prepared for special occasions or as part of gastronomic fairs and it used to be a substitute for bread, as there has always been a large production of potatoes in Chile.


Now that you know a little more about Chilean gastronomy and its most typical dishes, and if you like Latin American food, maybe you would also like to discover Ecuadorian gastronomy or the specialities of Peru.

Chile and all its delicacies are waiting for you!!! Are you ready to try all these delicacies?


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