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Where are the best beaches in Colombia? The most amazing coastal spots

best beaches in Colombia

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On your trip to Colombia you can’t miss a visit to the Caribbean or Pacific beaches, you won’t believe the beauty of each one of them. So, today we tell you where are the best beaches in Colombia, where you can enjoy paradisiacal places full of adventure.

Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

If you’re wondering where are the best beaches in Colombia, on the Colombian Caribbean coast you’ll discover small paradisiacal jewels. You’ll be on white sandy beaches, most of the time in the sun, with good weather and you’ll get to know new cultures and part of the country’s history.

Many say that this area has the best beaches in Colombia and we share that opinion. You’ll have to go to give us yours, what we can assure you is that in this area is the highest mountain range in the world, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where the famous Lost City is located.

You can always discover this place on our 4 days Ciudad Perdida jungle tour. Also, the spirit of the local Caribbean people is unique, with African and pre-Columbian influence 🙂 .

Taroa Beach, Punta Gallinas

One of the best beaches in Colombia is Taroa, one of the most beautiful and least crowded beaches in the country. Surely you want some photos for your Instagram in this paradise but, we warn you that the photos will not do justice to the place, you have to go to experience it in the first person.

Taroa beach is synonymous with nature and culture on the shores of the Caribbean, in the 3 days tour of Punta Gallinas you can enjoy the dunes of Taroa and discover many more corners!

Playa Blanca or Baru, Cartagena

If you continue a little further west along the Caribbean coast, you will find the famous area of Cartagena and you will know where are the best beaches in Colombia 😉 . We present you the Paya Blanca or Baru beach.

This beach is one of the best in the country for its Caribbean landscape. In this place of white sand, turquoise water and huge palm trees you will be able to disconnect and relax. In addition, it offers all kinds of services, water activities and if you want to live the “great adventure of the Colombian Caribbean”, you are very close to visit Pirate’s Island.

Playa Tayrona or La Piscina, Santa Marta

Further find out which are the best beaches in Colombia by the Santa Marta area, where you will find the wonderful Tayrona beach, also called La Piscina. This place of white sand and turquoise waters invites you to do water sports and hiking through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria, a protected virgin forest.

Also near this beach are the beaches of Cañaveral, Arenilla, Boca Saco and Arrecifes. If you have the opportunity, we also recommend visiting them, as their views are incredible.

Pacific Coast of Colombia

On Colombia’s Pacific Coast you’ll find beautiful spots, with tropical rainforest, beaches of black sand and, generally, heavy rain and big waves. That said, there are fantastic spots for snorkeling, fishing and whale-watching.

Guachalito Beach, Chocó

In the Gulf of Tribugá is Guachalito Beach, one of the best-known beaches in Chocó. Its scenery includes mountains, rainforest, waterfalls by the sea, black sand, and the immensity of the Pacific Ocean.

Mecana Beaches, Bahia Solano

In Bahia Solano you can find your answer to the question: where are the best beaches in Colombia? For example, Mecana Beach has a good chance of stealing your heart.

This beach can be reached by land, but if you are adventurous you will surely like more the idea of going by boat. Also, near this beach is the crystal-clear Mecana River.

After reading this post you already have your list of where are the best beaches in Colombia complete. Now all that’s left to do is start your adventure through the Colombian territory. Which beach will you visit first?

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