Colombian Coffee: why this is the best coffee in the world

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Coffee lovers are in dispute over which is the best coffee in the world. There are several countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, India, or Colombia that are fighting for this position.

Each one has some characteristics that make it special but, today we tell you why the Colombian coffee is, if not the best, one of the best coffees in the world.

The best coffee in the world: Colombian coffee

At least, that’s what many coffee experts say when asked what is the best coffee in the world.

It should be emphasized that Colombia’s coffee is 100% Arabica. Within this species, there are numerous varieties that are produced according to the characteristics of each region or department.

The production of coffee has become in recent years one of the economic factors of the country. Furthermore, it is a pride for the Colombians themselves that their country is a reference in this aspect, which impels them to continue improving their cultivation .

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According to the experts, the coffee of Colombia has a perfect combination. To a perfect balance that makes this coffee not excessively sweet, it is added that it is not at all bitter.

As it is a country with a great influence of the Andes, it has ideal climatic conditions to produce quality beans.

Don’t forget to ask for a cup of coffee to start one of the excursions in Colombia, it will be part of a total experience.

Where is coffee produced in Colombia?

Although the cultivation of coffee is widespread throughout Colombia, there are areas where the production of coffee is especially popular.

Designation of Origin Coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

In the northern zone of Colombia, we find the Santa Marta National Park.

Sierra Nevada is the highest coastal mountain in the world. It is a unique place that contains jungle, forest, and moor at the same time, where coffee is grown under the shade of native trees.

cafetos in mountain colombia

Very close to here is the Lost City. We can’t think of better excursions in Santa Marta than visiting the coffee farms in the area, with the final climb to the Lost City.

Colombian coffee axis

It is a geographical area that is located in the central-western part of Colombia, within an imaginary triangle between the cities of Medellin, Cali, and Bogota.

The farms located in the so-called Café Axis have a great influence due to their proximity to the equatorial line. This allows for microclimates with temperatures that range from 18º to 24º C, thus avoiding frosts in the cultivation of coffee.

Within this zone, we find the Coffee Cultural Landscape. The departments of Risalda, Quindio, Caldas, and the northern part of the department of Valle del Cauca are part of an area that has been declared a Humanity Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the high quality of its production.

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Like many other places, the Coffee Axis is on our list of things to see in Colombia.

Colombian Coffee Origin Denomination of Nariño

In the most southwestern part of Colombia, we find the department of Nariño.

It is an area with a high content of organic matter in the soils. It is characterized by cultivation at a high altitude, so low temperatures will be the general norm. This peculiar climate makes the plant retain its sugars.

Denomination of Origin Cauca Coffee

In the Macizo Colombiano we find the department of Cauca. These lands are characterized by longer exposure to the sun, and a stable climate.

Being a region of high mountains and volcanic soils, they create an optimal scenario to produce a high, soft and nutrient-rich coffee.

Designation of Origin Huila Coffee

Finally, to the south of the city of Cali, we find the department of Hulia. This area is characterized by few hours of sunshine throughout the year, so coffee producers work all year round.

Coffee from this zone is produced without stress to solar radiation and results in a sweet and balanced coffee type.

How much does a coffee cost in Colombia

If you travel to Colombia, you should not miss the opportunity to taste the local coffee.

The price of a cup of coffee in Colombia is approximately 4.000 Colombian pesos. This at the exchange rate comes to about 1$ (dollars), and in Europe, about 1.2€.

coffee beans on wooden table

If you prefer, you can also buy your own coffee beans directly from the best farms in the country. Juan Valdez is the most extended brand of Colombian Coffee all over the world, so it will not be difficult to find it in any supermarket.

Do you like Colombian Coffee? How many cups do you need a day to survive?

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