The 5 things that cannot be done in Colombia

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If you have reached this post, it is because you are surely preparing to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America, as is Colombia.

But before you travel, make sure you take into account all these things that cannot be done in Colombia.

To worry about the time

If there is something that makes the Colombian culture stand out, it is the absence of punctuality, in general.

For a Colombian man or woman, there is always a “courtesy time” of half an hour above the appointment time. That is to say, if you have arranged to meet at 10, you can afford to arrive at 10:30 without any problems.

Although this may make anyone impatient, we are sure that the wait between the crystalline waters of Isla del Pirata will not be a problem. Here you won’t have to worry about the time, in fact, we are sure that you won’t want to have a watch in your hands again.

isla pirata caribe in Colombia

Saying no to a shot of aguardiente, the worst thing cannot be done in Colombia

The aguardiente is the typical drink of the Colombians. There is no celebration in which this alcoholic drink is not present.

The Colombian aguardiente, or also known as “guaro”, will be the perfect excuse to relate with the Colombians . But don’t think about competing with them to see who drinks more, because you might lose.

But in case you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry. Colombians are very kind people who will be happy to receive you even if you don’t drink alcohol.

If you decide to travel to Punta Gallinas, during the nights you will not lack any excuse to go out and enjoy the local culture, and if you feel like it, try the typical liquor of the area.

Order a coffee with milk

Colombia is pure coffee tradition. Its coffee is considered by many experts as one of the best coffees in the world.

Here all aspects of coffee are taken into account, such as its bitterness, sweetness, body, etc.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not order a coffee with milk. Not because they don’t serve it, but because for them there is nothing better than a good coffee with nothing else.

Just so we understand each other… It’s like if you go to Mexico and ask for a taco without spice… They will serve it to you, but they will surely look at you badly.

The Designation of Origin of Sierra Nevada Coffee comes from the area where you can do the trekking of Lost City. We can’t think of a better plan than to meet the hikers that climb with you to Ciudad Perdida sharing a Colombian coffee.

cups coffee camping in Colombia

Make Pablo Escobar or La Guerrilla jokes

Although historically Colombia has been related to its most famous character, the truth is that they are not proud at all.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, avoid at all costs making any jokes about Pablo Escobar, nor about La Guerrilla.

Avoid also doing narcoturism, a modality of tourism that has been created recently, and that seeks to visit the historical points of interest that took the Colombians to be the point of view of the narcotraffic worldwide.

You will be very welcome if you forget about these prejudices and go out and visit everything that Colombia can offer you.

Reject an invitation to dance, a must that cannot be done in Colombia

It is well known that Latinos are warm-blooded people, so Colombians are no exception.

It is said that Cali is the world capital of salsa, so it will be the best place to dance it. If you are not the most coordinated person it doesn’t matter, any Colombian will be happy to teach you his or her most typical dance.

But not only salsa is danced in Colombia, but here also are typical other dances known as Cumbia or Vallenato.

So don’t refuse to dance with them, they might take it as an offense against you.

people dancing salsa in the street

However, if you want to succeed, you should train your hips to leave your dance partner totally in love.

Now that you know the 5 things that cannot be done in Colombia, can you think of anything better than visiting this country as soon as you can?

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