Main differences about the Lost City trek in 4 and 5 days

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If you have already decided that the trek to Ciudad Perdida is your next adventure, now you have two possibilities: to spend 4 or 5 days in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In this post, we tell you the main differences of the Lost City Trek in 4 and 5 days.

Differences in the Lost City trek

Mainly, the differences come in terms of the kilometers you will have to do per day.

Lost City in 4 days Lost City in 5 days
Day 1 7.6 km (4 hours) 7.6 km (4 hours)
Day 2 15.2 km (7 hours) 15.2 km (7 hours)
Day 3 10 km (6 hours) 10 km (6 hours)
Day 4 14.8 km (7 hours) 3 hours
Day 5 4 hours

On the one hand, in the trekking to the Lost City of Colombia in 4 days, you are going to have to do longer days. This will affect your fitness, so choosing one of the two options can be key to the rest of your trip.

Above all, it has to do with the last day of the tour. Once you have already visited in both cases the Lost City in Colombia during the 3rd day of the tour, you will return to Camp 2. This will be the last connection point between the two tours.

Lost City Trek in 4 days

The change comes from this fourth day at Camp 2. In case your choice is to visit Colombia’s Lost City in 4 days, this last day will serve to get back from Camp 2 to Santa Marta in one go.

It is about 7 hours in which you will pass through waterfalls and rivers until you return to Mamey.

Water flowing through river rocks in Lost City

Basically like when you pass through one city on your way to another, and the free tour is done from the car.

Undoubtedly, if you go with just enough time or your physical condition allows you to make this marathon journey without problems, this will be the best tour to the Lost City that you can do.

Lost City in 5 days

On the other hand, the Lost City tour in 5 days is characterized by the fact that the last days of the tour will be more relaxed.

As you can see, in the 5-day tour you will divide the kilometers of the last day of the 4-day trek. This will allow for a more relaxed return.

During the penultimate day, you will be able to enjoy the natural pools along the way. The guides will take you on a tour so that you can bathe in them in peace and quiet.

In the morning, and after a good Colombian coffee, you will start your last route to Mamey, the final point of your excursion to Ciudad Perdida.

Accomodation in Lost City

In case you are not in such a hurry and want to allow yourself to enjoy more adventure in the Sierra Nevada, this 5-day trek will be the most suitable for you.

Whichever you choose, either of the two options will be the right one for you. As you have already seen, the differences in the Lost City trek will only affect you depending on your availability and the physical demand you want to put on. Have you already opted for one option or the other?

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