Best season for the ascent of Chimborazo

chimborazo weather best time to go

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Are you considering visiting Ecuador to climb its most iconic volcano, Chimborazo?

Although we are sure that your trip will be an incredible experience, we can tell you that not all times of the year are appropriate for this excursion, and even less so if you are not a person with a lot of experience in this type of adventure.

This is why we want to help you plan your trip to Ecuador according to the Chimborazo weather.

montana chimborazo at sunset with red sky

Best time to climb Chimborazo

The months between May and December are generally the most suitable for the Chimborazo climbing. It’s the season with the least rainfall in the area, so you’ll be grateful not to make the ascent with the sometimes tiresome company of rain.

chimborazo mountain views in ecuador

But if, for example, you have decided to make a trip to Latin America during its summer season, climbing Chimborazo or even doing the Cotopaxi trek between January and February, is also another option.

You’ll have a little more rain than during the later months of the year, but anything comparable to what you’re likely to encounter during March and April.

Therefore, to the question: What is the best time to climb Chimborazo? The answer is: between May and December.

Although, as we have told you before, there are other months that you can also make this trek but knowing that you will have more complicated weather conditions.

top of the mountain chimborazo

The weather in the province of Chimborazo

Contrary to the seasons of the year in Latin America or Europe, for example, due to its geographical location, Ecuador has only two distinct seasons. In this case, there is the wet or winter season and the dry or summer season.

This is because, throughout the year, there is the only variation in rainfall, not in temperature. The maximum temperature of this place is rather cold, as it does not usually exceed 15ºC.

people climbing chimborazo with snow

Taking this into account, the months from January to May, is the most rainy season, while from May to December, will be a drier season, perfect to visit all the things to see in Riobamba.

But within these months known as rainy months, not all have the same rainfall averages. January and February are months with much lower rainfall than March and April. The latter two are undoubtedly the months most likely to see rain on the Chimborazo.

Keep in mind that even though the rainy season is less rainy, the cold will always be present in your excursions. So don’t forget to pack a good jacket that will insulate you from these temperatures.

Have you decided when to travel to Ecuador for this trek?

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