How to get to Cuyabeno? The best options from Quito and Guayaquil

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Ecuador is the territory of the four worlds because it has Coast, Highlands, Amazon and Galapagos. So, if you travel to Ecuador for sure it is in your plans to visit the Cuyabeno Reserve. Here you have all the options to get to Cuyabeno in the best way.

First you should know that to visit the reserve you will need a tour. We will pick you up at the Lago Agrio airport exit to begin the adventure, but you will need to know how to get to this starting point.

We recommend TAME flight 201 to pick you up at the airport at 10:30 am. If you opt for ground transportation we will meet you at the D’Mario hotel at 09:30 am.

How to get to Cuyabeno from Quito

To reach the Cuyabeno nature reserve also known as the Ecuadorian Amazon, and take the 5-day Cuyabeno tour from Quito you have several options.

Get to Cuyabeno by bus

The first option is to go by the night bus. This bus leaves Quito at 11 pm and arrives in Lago Agrio at dawn, it should be noted that the journey takes about 7 hours.

As for the price, it is more or less $40 for the round trip.

Yes, we assure you that it can be many hours of travel, but observing the animals you can find in the Cuyabeno Reserve is a good reason.

Animals in Cuyabeno Ecuador

Arriving by plane

A second option is to go by plane with a local airline to Lago Agrio airport. Flights usually leave at 9 am. Then you will have to leave by canoe until you reach your destination.

The flight time is only half an hour, but it can take a total of 5 and a half hours from the time you leave the hotel until you are in Cuyabeno. The cost of this option is around $200, taking into account the cab.

By train

The third option we explain you is the Trans-Andean Transport, if you already read our post about the most terrifying route of the country, the Devil’s Nose you will know that it is a railroad that crosses all Ecuador.

Nariz del Diablo zig-zag train

The good thing about this transport is that you can enjoy the scenery in a unique way, as this vehicle crosses the most spectacular mountains and valleys of the country.

This train you can take it in the early morning and it will take you between 8 and 9 hours, all depending on how long it is at each stop. So, it will be best to go well prepared and bring some Ecuadorian gastronomy.

Ecuatorian gastronomy locro

How to get to Cuyabeno from Guayaquil

Calm down, if you are in Guayaquil there is also a way to get to Cuyabeno or to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

To get from Guayaquil to Cuyabeno you have to go through Quito first. So, the options are the same: bus, plane or Trans-Andean Transport.

Sunset views in Cuyabeno

If you decide to go by bus, be prepared and go well accompanied, with comfortable clothes and food, as the journey will be about 12 hours, quite an adventure.

On the other hand, if you decide to fly to get to Cuyabeno, the journey is reduced to about 8 and a half hours, counting the way by bus to the destination, once you land in Quito or the nearest airport.

The last option, which need not be the worst, is to take the train that leaves you in Quito. While it’s true that such a vehicle makes a thousand stops and it would take you around 7 hours to get to the capital, you can enjoy the scenery in unique ways such as visiting the Quilotoa Lagoon in Latacunga, on the way to Quito.

Quilotoa Lagoon Crater

What are you going to do with all this information? Hopefully it will help to clarify your mind and you will finally visit Cuyabeno. Then you will only have to visit the other 3 worlds of Ecuador, why make you wait for them?


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