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viajar a ecuador durante el covid

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If you are more than eager to travel, you will be encouraged to know that Ecuador is among the countries whose borders have recently opened. Since last Sunday, this country has given way to international flights after having been in quarantine since March, meaning that traveling to Ecuador during Covid-19 is now possible.

By being the first Andean country to receive a certificate that recognizes that the necessary security measures have been implemented for its travelers, we can say that visiting it is not such a bad idea. However, there are some recommendations to take into account. Here you will find all the information needed in case you are thinking of visiting Ecuador during Covid-19, now that you have the opportunity.

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What you should know about traveling to Ecuador during Covid-19

Now that the state of national emergency for Covid-19 has ended and quarantine and curfew measures are no longer in effect in most of the country, you can travel to Ecuador!

As we told you before, this is the first Andean country to receive the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Certificate of Safe Travel. A certificate that recognizes that the necessary protocols have been implemented to guarantee the safety and hygiene of visiting travelers.

Ecuador during Covid-19

Individual security measures

Although we are very excited about being able to travel again, do not forget that everyone musts be very careful and responsible. Covid-19 still exists, so remember to comply with the measures imposed by the country, using a mask and maintaining social distance.

You should also keep in mind that other protocols and stricter health and safety controls have also been implemented, in addition to social distancing and the use of masks. These include the complete disinfection of establishments and the availability of sanitary gel or spray for staff and clients. Making your visit safer.

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Please note that some controls are still taking place. For example:

  • Public transport: Not all routes have been reactivated yet, their capacity is still limited.
  • Cabs: No restrictions.
  • Private cars: Can only circulate certain days of the week depending on their registration number.

Restaurants and Museums

Restaurants and other tourist sites such as museums, parks and archaeological sites also have limited capacity so it is not out of the question to book your visit.

Entry requirements for Ecuador and Galapagos

If you are traveling to Ecuador during Covid-19 make sure you have the negative PCR test result with you. You can take it up to 10 days before the trip. Once you have arrived, the airport staff will take your temperature and ask you to complete a health questionnaire. If you are negative and do not have any symptoms, you won’t have to do quarantine.

If you do not have the result with you, you will have to take it once you’re there and pay for it. While you are getting an answer, it is mandatory that you stay in an approved hotel until you get the result. A negative result will mean that you can travel freely, while a positive one will force you to stay in the hotel and pay for it. Better to take the test and save yourself the trouble.

It is also very important that you have a certificate, invoice or receipt confirming that you have an international travel insurance valid for the duration of your stay in the country. According to recommendations, it is best that this insurance is as broad as possible, with extensive coverage of medical expenses and that it includes repatriation to your country of origin.

In the case of the Galapagos Islands, it will be necessary that your medical insurance has the authorization of the Technical Secretariat of the Government of Galapagos. In addition, you must also have a reservation in one or several legally authorized tourist accommodations or have a letter of invitation to facilitate your entry.

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Visiting Ecuador in 2020

Although this small Latin American country has a very interesting history and culture, you will surely want to visit it for its incredible nature. A plus, cause if you’re traveling to Ecuador during Covid-19, outdoor tourism is what’s most recommended right now.

Here you will have a great variety of options to choose from, so many, that you won’t even know what to do first or which one to choose if you have to. By being right in the middle of the world or as its name says: in “the equator”, there are no seasons and the landscapes are defined mostly by the height they are in. Giving way to totally indescribable places that remain intact throughout the year, from beaches surrounded by iguanas and seals, jungles with huge waterfalls, to the point on earth that is closest to the sun, at 6,310 meters above sea level.

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Situation of Ecuador’s tourist destinations during the Covid-19

Now that you know how traveling to Ecuador during Covid-19 is, and the measures the country has adopted to open its borders to travelers, let’s see which places can be visited and which are closed to the public for the time being.

Believe it or not, tourism is slowly reviving and people are showing a lot of interest in traveling again. Every week the list of places that are opening is growing, so the future of tourism does not look so bad.

These are the national parks, reserves and tourist destinations that are officially operational again:

  • Antisana
  • Cayambe-Coca
  • Peguche Waterfall
  • Cotopaxi
  • Cotachachi-Cayapas
  • Chimborazo
  • Churute
  • El Cajas
  • Illinizas
  • Limoncocha
  • Quilotoa Lagoon
  • Lake Mojanda
  • Lake San Pablo
  • The Equator
  • Pasachoa
  • Pululahua
  • Thermal springs of Papallacta
  • Quito’s Cable car
  • Sangay

Galapagos Islands

The province of Galapagos is the only territory in the country that is free of COVID-19, which means that you can visit one of the country’s greatest attractions (if not the most) with minimal risk of infection. We assure you that there is no place in the world like the Galapagos Islands.

Formed by islands, rocks and islets this one is one of the wonders you can’t miss in your visit to the country. It is a place where you can have the animals very few centimeters away because they live so quietly due to the lack of predators, that they usually don’t run away if you approach them. Nowhere else in the world can you photograph a sea lion or an iguana without it being impressed by your presence.

Due to the richness of this place, it is usually not so easy to travel to Galapagos. Declared a National Park and a World Heritage Site, the islands have a maximum number of authorized visitors, so it is very important that you reserve the desired dates in advance. There are a lot of tours that have adequate protection measures to guarantee your safety, besides being excursions that are done outdoors and in small groups to reduce the risk of contagion.

Since you have the possibility to visit them, why not do it?

galapagos national park covid-19

Now that you know how Ecuador is and seeing the measures it has adopted, perhaps it is time to take advantage of the opportunity and visit it, but remember, always be careful! Because the virus situation is quite changeable and government travel restrictions may vary, try to be aware of any updates.


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