Which is the difficulty to climb the volcanoes of Ecuador?

Chimborazo mountain with snow

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Are you thinking of trekking through the most famous mountains in South America? If so, you’ve probably wondered which is the difficulty to climb the volcanoes of Ecuador and if you are well prepared for them.

That’s why in today’s post we tell you a little more about these ascents and give you some tips so you know how to prepare yourself for them. That way you won’t miss any of them on your next trip to Ecuador.

Carihuairazo Ascension

Carihuairazo at 5018 m is one of the most easily accessible mountains, so making an ascent up to it is the best way to start and acclimatize for the following treks.

And although its access is one of the easiest, it is still one of the highest mountains in the country, so the first day of ascent will serve to acclimatize you to its 620 meters of elevation gain.

Its three summits Josefinos, Central and Mocha make it a great attraction that can be visited all year round.

carihuairazo with snow in Ecuador

Ascension to the Cotopaxi volcano

With the Cotopaxi climb you will reach a unique summit of 5897 meters above sea level, the second-highest in Ecuador.

And although it is not necessary to have previous experience in technical climbing it is important to have a good physical condition, because it is a difficult trek with some steep slopes up to 45º.

In addition, it is important to have acclimatized to the altitude since during the ascent there is a drop of 2403 meters.

top of the Cotopaxi volcano

Ascension to the Chimborazo volcano

The Chimborazo climb at 6263 meters above sea level makes it the highest peak in Ecuador and one of the most impressive volcanoes on the planet, as its summit, is the closest point to the sun.

Although reaching its summits Veintimilla and Whymper require a good physical condition and previous experience in glaciers, since there is usually ice all year round.

Undoubtedly, it is the most difficult ascent of the volcanoes of Ecuador, with 5174 meters of vertical drop. It is the perfect trek for the most daring ones!

top of the Chimborazo

Some tips to prepare these treks

  • Prepare in advance: These ascents require good physical preparation so it is advisable to train months in advance to have optimal performance.
  • Train strength and endurance: Combine aerobic exercises with strength exercises, both are important to be well prepared.
  • Warm-up well: It’s also important to warm up well just before you start your adventure. And don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!
  • Get enough rest: Getting enough sleep and the necessary hours will also help your performance while hiking. Listen to your body, rest before and also after.
  • Do not force yourself: Choose the trek that best suits your fitness and level of preparation. Start with the easiest ones and little by little you will see how you gain experience.

people doing trekking on snow

Now that you know the difficulty of the volcanoes in Ecuador and some tips on how to prepare for their ascent,  surely you are eager to reach their summits. Are you already preparing your backpack for trekking?


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