What is the temperature in Iceland by month?

temperature in iceland by month

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Island is known as the country of ice and fire, so it is normal that you think that this country has cold temperatures all year round. But what if we tell you that it’s not as cold as you may think? Today we tell you the temperature in Iceland by month.

It is true that the lower temperature that has been recorded is -40 ºF(-40 ºC), it is not the usual but be well prepared for the cold. This general information will be very useful for your trip to Iceland. You will be able to pack your suitcase with the necessary items and adapt to the temperatures quickly.

What is the temperature in Iceland in January

The January average high temperature in Iceland is 36 ºF(2ºC) and the lower temperature is 28 ºF (-2ºC ). Doing the Aurora Borealis tour from Reykjavík during this month is the best idea.

Yes, with these temperatures you must be well wrapped up to discover the Arctic. There can be snow and frost, which makes your trip a more fascinating adventure. Our post on what to wear to see the Northern Lights in Iceland may help you 🙂

Northern Lights in Iceland

February Weather

February is another of Iceland’s coldest months. The average temperature during the month is between 28 °F (-2 °C)and 36 °F (3 °C). Remember to bring several coats to keep warm. February can also surprise you with rain, snow and sunshine on the same day.

If you’re wondering about daylight hours, during this month you can have up to 9 h of sunshine a day. And if you want to know more, in our post about daylight hours in Iceland you will find all the information month by month.

sunrise in iceland

Icelandic weather in March

The average temperature is between 30ºF (-1ºC) and 38ºF (3ºC) and daylight hours are increasing. We recommend you make the most of the sunrises and sunsets that this time of year has to offer.

That’s why visiting Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon or Vatnajökull Glacier and Blue Ice Cave in this month is a real highlight.

cold temperature in iceland

April temperatures in Iceland

It’s time to welcome slightly warmer and milder temperatures – it’s springtime! The average temperature is between 34ºF (1ºC) degrees and 43ºF (6ºC).

During this month you’ll see much more sunshine and almost certainly no snow. Icelanders celebrate the Official First Summer Day.

The weather in May

You still haven’t quite figured out the temperature in Iceland by month, have you? Well, get ready because temperatures are on the rise. May arrives with average temperatures between 40 ºF (4ºC) and 48 ºF (9ºC) and many hours of sunlight. By the end of the month there is almost 24 hours of daylight.

You can tell that summer is coming because the country is getting much greener, the trees are leafing out again and temperatures are even warmer. It may be a good time to do kayaking in Jokulsarlon Lagoon.

Person kayaking in Jokulsarlon

June in Iceland

During June you find temperatures between 46ºF (8ºC) degrees and 54ºF 12ºC. In addition, in this month the famous “midnight sun” event occurs. Therefore, the highest number of daylight hours is reached during this month.


In July you are assured of moderate temperatures, between 49ºF (9ºC) degrees and 57ºF (14ºC), plus very little rainfall. The locals are the least cold because they are used to it, so you can imagine what clothes can they wear.


August temperatures generally continue to rise, with average temperatures between 47ºF (8ºC) and 55ºF (13ºC). Although it is true that it cools down more in the evenings.

If you’re in the north and east of the island, you’ll notice that temperatures are especially warm.


So that you know what temperature is in Iceland by month and can enjoy your trip around the island more, the temperature in September is as follows:

The average maximum temperature is at 50ºF (10ºC) and the minimum is 42ºF (6ºC). It is rare to get above 15ºC and below -0ºC (59ºF and 32ºF). Also, during this month, warm wind blows from the Gulf, which Icelanders love.

As a reminder, you should know that you will already be in autumn, with its rain and winds. But, the most special thing is the landscape of yellows, greens and browns that you will find throughout the territory, it’s amazing.

Hraunfossar in autumn in Iceland


The Autumn weather passes and October arrives with its highs of 9ºC and lows of -4ºC (48 ºF and 24 ºF). Note that the average maximum temperature is 7ºC and the average minimum 2ºC (44 ºF and 36 ºF).

During these days you can’t forget that you will experience some rainy days and even heavy rains. So, get ready for an adventure! 😉


November is synonymous with dressing in layers and wearing both wool and raincoat. Its average temperatures are between 4 ºC and -1 ºC (39 ºF and 30 ºF). It is uncommon to be more than 10°C and less than -7°C (50°F and 19°F).


Finally, December arrives with its average temperatures of 2ºC and -1ºC (36 ºF and 29 ºF). It is rare to get above 8ºC and the thermometer reads less than -8ºC (46 ºF and 17 ºF).

With these temperatures you can imagine the snowy and icy landscape. A marvel so, do not forget your sunglasses to be able to observe it for hours 🙂 .

Monthly high average ºC (ºF) Lower average ºC (ºF)
January 2 (36) -2 (28)
February 3 (36) -2 (28)
March 3 (38) -1 (30)
April 6 (43) 1 (34)
May 9 (48) 4 (40)
June 12 (54) 8 (46)
July 14 (57) 9 (49)
August 13 (55) 8 (47)
September 10 (50) 6 (42)
October 7 (44) 2 (36)
November 4 (39) -1 (30)
December 2 (36) -1 (29)

Now that you know the temperatures in Iceland by month, which excursion would you take? Do you already know in which season you are going to visit Iceland? We hope you found this information helpful.


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