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What is traveling?

Travelling is not simply going to another place, because we all travel with all our senses, from smells to flavours, from music to landscapes. But there is not a complete trip without the most important “ingredient”: the feeling.

The illusion while we are planning our experience, the excitement of the first day before leaving…

Amelia Earhart with her plane Amelia Earhart

Our main inspiration, has been and still is Amelia Earhart, a woman who was brave enough to push the boundaries of exploration.

Amelia used to say that flying was moving in three dimensions and we got inspired by this sentence and made us realize that every travel lover does it in a three-dimensional way too:

  • The physics when we move, discover new places, landscapes, foods and colors.
  • On the emotional level when we meet new people, have an inspiring chat, when a tiny moment sneaks deep into our body and makes us feel those ‘Goosebumps’ moments.
  • And above all the spiritual, because we travel from inside to outside and from outside to inside at the same time, we know ourselves, we develop the intuition and that special sensitivity that leads us to live unique moments, to find places to reflect and where to inspire.

The person who is traveling will not be the same person when they return because we always grow and develop as people, we recognize that it is a cliche very used until it is no longer true. When we return, we realize that we have also made a journey to our interior.

We want to share these feelings with all the travelers, because from the comfort of our houses there are times when we would like to leave, travel in a different way, escape large groups and not feel like tourists, but rather than travelers.

Why Howlanders?

We know that many times it is not easy to leave that comfort zone and throw ourselves into the world, we also have been through the fears and doubts that can arise, and this can be the uncertainty that holds us back. Those feelings are our reason for being, we want to be the springboard for all the travelers who want to break that little barrier and dare to travel independently.

But where does Howlanders come from?

Our name honors Amelia, and those who know her story know that the last thing ever heard of her was that she was flying over Howland Island. Her essence remained in that place, so our name was chosen in memory of this young explorer.

We want to invite you to be part of this special community. We are not a personal project, we are a common project that will be built among all. We carry an adventurer inside, and although sometimes we fear it, we have to be brave, throw ourselves and trust in destiny.

So cheer up, dare to “travel” an adventure, to feel the essence that remained on Howland island, to be a Howlander. And if you got here it’s because you feel it too, so we can only tell you one more thing:

Welcome home.


Journalist and traveler. Laura has traveled around Iceland several times and is in love with its nature, especially the northern lights. She loves the cold, the icebergs and says that at some point she will move to the land of ice. For now she tells us about her adventures traveling around the island.

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