Beaches in Peru: discover the 5 best ones in the country

best beaches in peru

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There is one important thing you should know. If you’re thinking of travelling to Peru, you’ve probably already planned your visit to Machu Picchu or your Iquitos jungle tour, but… Peru is so much more! Obviously, you can’t miss these places, but besides your hiking shoes, put your swimming costume in your backpack and take note, because today we’re going to talk about the best beaches in Peru.

Cabo Blanco, the best beach for surfing

Cabo Blanco beach is in a small fishing village 3km from El Alto. Its wonderful beach is famous above all for being a source of inspiration for Ernest Heminway in one of his best-known novels, The Old Man and the Sea, attracted by the sport fishing so popular in the area in the 50s.

Cabo blanco beach in peru

Nowadays, it is more famous for its waves than for its fish, as many surfers come to this area to surf. However, it is not a place for beginners because the waves here are impressive. The famous Peruvian pipe is a challenge where many surfers descend to the beach to offer a spectacle worth seeing, so it can be another of your plans when you think about your itinerary in Peru.

The beach is all soft sand bordered by craggy rocks that are reflected in the deep blue sea.

Huanchaco and the Caballitos de Totora (Totora horses)

This quiet beach with golden sand is the ideal place if you are a surf lover. Huanchaco has gone from being a humble fishing village with a beautiful beach to a place marked in red on any wave lover’s map.

Huanchaco beach

The beach has a reputation for its numerous water sports, and is well known for an unusual style of fishing practised by local fishermen: caballitos de Totora (Totora little horses.

These are boats woven from fresh totora reeds that fishermen use to catch shoals of fish with nets. Although in Huanchaco the surfboards are much more in evidence than the caballitos de Totora, it is still possible to see the tradition being carried out in the area.

Playa Roja (red beach), Paracas

The Playa Roja (Red Beach) takes its name from the extraordinary dark red colour of its sand. This unusual shade is due to the volcanic activity in the area, which also makes for an incredible setting.

The rock with the solidified magma inside is carried by the waves to the shore, leaving the sand an extreme red colour that becomes even more striking in contrast to the yellowish colour of the cliff.

playa roja in peru

It is situated in and surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the Paracas National Reserve. With miles of cliffs and coastal waters surrounding it, Playa Roja protect the diverse marine life that inhabits the area, as well as preserve the native culture of Paracas.

The beach becomes even more beautiful as the sun begins to down below the horizon, illuminating the sand and highlighting the tropical surroundings.

Mancora, one of the best beaches in Peru

This beach is in a picturesque seaside town that attracts a lot of surfers and tourists looking for relaxation. The local restaurants serve typical local food at really low prices, so if you’re wondering what to do in Peru…you have to try the food in Mancora!

But without a doubt, the most attractive thing about Mancora is the beach: the water is warm all year round and turns a dip into a relaxing bath.

mancora beach in peru

Mancora beach is pure fine sand and good vibes, with sunshine almost 365 days a year and cloudless blue skies. This is why it is one of the most popular beach destinations in Peru.

Punta de Sal

This beach is amazing if you are looking for a quiet holiday. It is the longest beach on this part of the coast and has light sand and quite waves.

It is located close to the equator and the current that flows here warms the water to 75,2 °F all year round.

punta sal beach in peru

We hope we haven’t complicated your Peru itinerary, because we’re sure you’re looking forward to making a stop at all these beaches, we too! Which beach are you most looking forward to enjoying your holiday on? Can you imagine yourself fishing on a caballito de Totora?


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