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Did you know that Peru is home to the oldest civilization in America? If you are traveling to Peru,this post is of interest to you! Today we tell you the 11 fun facts about Peru with which we are sure to surprise you.

12 Peruvian places are World Heritage Sites

Haven’t you warmed up yet? Get ready for the first Peruvian fun fact !
Both Iquitos Jungles and Machu Picchu or Sacred Valley give off magic and is that Peru is full of archaeological sites (100,000 u) that are World Heritage Sites of UNESCO, specifically 12 of them.

Machu Picchu or, as the Incas would say, old mountain is one of these places. It is said to be so special that it was declared a Heritage Site in 1983 and belongs to the Cusco region.

But, there is not only Machu Picchu, other archaeological sites such as Chan Chan, Sacsayhuamán, Kuélap and the Huaca de la Luna were also declared Heritage of Humanity.

santuary of Machu Picchu

Peru: one of the most biodiverse countries

Another curiosity is the biological diversity of Peru. Its territory with jungle, highlands and coast, provides a large number of climates (90 microclimates) and unimaginable ecosystems.

It should not be forgotten that the Amazon of Peru occupies 76% of the country. For this very reason, discovering the Iquitos Jungle can become quite an adventure.

The flora and fauna of Peru are recognized worldwide. For this reason, it is one of the Latin American countries with the greatest biological diversity and the first in diversity of diurnal butterflies.

As an endemic species is the Viringo or Peruvian dog. This breed of hairless dog is part of the Peruvian National Heritage.

View Iquitos Jungle in Peru

Peruvian gastronomy

One of the fun facts about Peru that will make you enjoy the most is its culinary diversity. In addition, it is recognized worldwide as one of the best and most exquisite. Therefore, visiting Peru is a must if you like gastronomic trips.

The amount of variety and quality of the products may be the secret ingredients that make anyone fall in love.

It can be said that Peruvian cuisine combines Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian and African cuisine. With so much mix Peruvian gastronomy has more than 500 dishes and different specialties.

In addition, in the country’s menu you can also find different exotic foods. If you have ever been interested in the exotic food of Latin America, you may already know about Peruvian food.

Exotic dish from Peru la Sarapatera sopa

Peruvian potatoes

Did you know that potatoes are native to Peru? Another curiosity within the gastronomy of this country are potatoes. A great variety is grown in Peru and for this very reason it is the first country in potato biodiversity.

In short, Peru is a paradise for food lovers. What a feast you can feast on in Peru!

The curious size of Peru

Continuing with Peru’s curiosities, we talk about the territorial extension. Peru occupies 1,285,216 km² and for this reason it is the third largest country in South America. Behind Brazil and Argentina, who have the first and second place.

The origin of the word “Peru”

Knowing that the word Peru comes from a Panamanian tribe, called Biru, will not leave you indifferent.

Remaining a few centuries ago, the Spaniards visited the Panamanian lands because at that time it was the southernmost part of the new world known to Europeans. Gradually, they explored further south and that was when Biru became Peru.

Referents in mining

Another curious fact is the mines in the country. These mines are a worldwide reference and not only for their amount of gold and zinc.

Speaking of figures, Peru produces 150 tons of gold per year. This undeniable fact places it sixth in the world ranking of gold mines.

Only China, Australia, Russia, the United States and Canada produce more gold than Peru. Did that surprise you?

Aerial views Toquepala Peru

The most important cotton producers

Who would have thought that today Peru is still one of the most important producers of cotton? Well, that’s right, Peruvian fiber is highly appreciated in the market for its quality and resistance.

Lima’s surprising dialect

Following the march of the curious facts about Peru, its capital, Lima, is a box of surprises.

If you want to travel to the city of Lima it’s good to know that it has its own dialect. Although the official language is Spanish, limeño is still present and alive.

It’s true that both languages closely resemble each other, but most Limeños perceive their dialect as a closer and more familiar language.

Also, one out of three Peruvians live in this city.

Lima coast Peru

Coca leaves as a fun fact

And in the final stretch of the curious facts about Peru, we tell you what the coca leaves are and what they are used for.

You should know that most of the highest cities in the world are in Latin America. So when you travel there, you should be aware of the altitude of each place you visit and prevent altitude sickness

But don’t be afraid! People still travel and enjoy cities at high altitude. That is why, the people of Peru are accustomed to and resort to coca leaf teas.

The Inca ancestors already used this leaf for its great benefits, among them, preventing altitude sickness.

The coca leaf is used to make jelly beans, candies and tea.


The country of superlatives

To conclude, It is said that Peru never ceases to amaze and even more so with all the medals it has for being “the most…”

One of the deepest canyons

Peru’s Cotahuasi Canyon is located in Arequipa and is one of the deepest in the world.

You most likely know the Grand Canyon in the U.S. and think it is the deepest. Not so, however; Cotahuasi Canyon is twice as deep.

Of the most urban countries

About 80%of Peruvians live in cities. As we discussed above, one in three live in the capital, Lima.

For this very reason, Peru is, without any doubt, one of the most urban countries in its area.

Main square Lima

Oldest civilization

Another curiosity is that the oldest civilization in the Americas, the Caral, resides in this country.

This culture is located 200 kmfrom the city of Lima. So if you are traveling in the area, you already have one more plan 🙂

Oldest university

Surprised? Well yes, Peru has the oldest university in America. We are talking about the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and it was founded in 1551 by Tomas de San Martin, a clergyman.

The tiniest church

In the surroundings of Lima you can not only visit the oldest civilization in America, but also the tiniest church in the world.

This church is known as the parish of “Our Lady of the Rosary”.

There is no denying that Peru is a diverse country full of culture, gastronomy, nature and many, many curiosities.

Now that you know these fun facts about Peru, which one surprised you the most?


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