What to do in Iquitos city: the best plans of the ‘Amazonian Venice’

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Thinking of visiting Iquitos? Sure you have thought about exploring the Peruvian jungle, but what are you going to do while you are in Iquitos city? We will tell you the best plans for you to discover the interesting Iquitos city through its streets wrapped in the mysticism of the Amazon River. It is as incredible as it sounds!

Do you know that Iquitos city is the largest port city not accessible by road? It is also the largest metropolis in the Peruvian Amazon with over 500.000 inhabitants, which is why it is known as the ‘capital of the Peruvian Amazon’. Get ready for the trip, the best time to travel to Iquitos is now!

Iquitos city has a historic center full of various treasures declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation. Visiting the jungle of Iquitos is great, but you also have to take time out to visit the Iquitos Cathedral, the Casa de Fierro, the Antiguo Hotel Palace, the Casa Cohen, the Casa Morey and, much more!

Plaza de armas in Iquitos City

It is also known as Trade Square or Plaza de Iquitos and is one of the most visited places in the city. In the center of the Plaza de Armas is the Obelisk of Heroes that honors the heroes of the battles fought by Peru in the War of the Pacific. There is also a circular fountain that offers light and water shows in the night, the crates reach up to 10 meters high!

Plaza de Armas Iquitos city

Iquitos Cathedral

Religious temple of neogothic style also known as Iquitos Mother Church of San Juan Bautista de Iquitos Cathedral located in the center of the city. Its construction began in 1911 and was completed eight years later. A tower forms part of the monument in whose superior part a metallic cross is embedded, making this the highest religious temple. In 1925 they installed a Swiss clock in the cathedral that still makes this place more curious and charming.

Fierro House

Fierro House in Iquitos, or Iron House, is an emblem of the city of Iquitos, as it was the first prefabricated house in Latin America brought from France in 1889. The Fierro House was designed by Gustave Eiffel, a French engineer who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris, does it ring the bell to you? This building has a European style with balconies on its facades and a pyramid-shaped roof supported by wrought iron columns. Fierro House in Iquitos was acquired by a rubber tycoon who decided to move it to Peru.

Fierro House Iquitos City

Antique Palace Hotel

The Antique Palace Hotel, also known as Malecon Palace was one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire Amazon region. Outstanding for its Art Nouveau design with influences from the Catalan modernism of Antonio Gaudi. A work of art! All the necessary elements for the construction were transported across the Atlantic.

Cohen House

The Cohen house was the home of one of the first Sephardic Jews to arrive in the city of Iquitos in 1896, Jaime Cohen. The Art Nouveau style facade with large doors, walls and decorations are really eye-catching, they truly impress! During the rubber rush it served as one of the main commercial locations that imported European products and exported rubber. Today it is the seat of Los Portales Supermarkets, adapt or die!

Cohen House Iquitos City

Belen District

The Belen district is also known as the Amazon Venice, but instead of palaces it is made up of huts, it has its own charm! It was in the Belen District that the former working poor who did not get rich during the golden age were relegated.

In Belen District is set the open air Belen Market which is famous for having its own unique personality and tradition. This market is an important trading area in Iquitos and offers a wide variety of products. From exotic vegetables and fruits from South America to all kinds of medicinal plants and aphrodisiacs, don’t miss it!

Belen Market iquitos city

Morey Arias House

Morey Arias House is the house par excellence of the rubber era. Its owner, Luis Felipe Morey Arias, was known as the rubber baron. During this era, the rubber era, the Morey Arias House served as a commercial office and warehouse because it was located in front of the old main dock in Iquitos. This historical monument of Victorian style is currently an important hotel in the city of Iquitos.

Morey Arias House iquitos city

If you travel to Iquitos it is probably because you do not want to miss the unforgettable experience in the jungle of Iquitos, but remember that not everything is a jungle, but its city has a lot of wealth in its streets and its inhabitants. Iquitos city is a magical place that is also worth a visit, but we know that you have already made that clear with everything we have just told you, right?


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