8 unknown tourist sites in Peru

unknow tourist places in peru

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You already have in mind to visit Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley from Cusco, but of course, you have many days to enjoy in Peru and, although you could repeat over and over again the same tour, we think it would be a bit boring. To surprise you we bring you the unknown tourist places in Peru, those you haven’t heard of yet.

We’ll show you some of the unknown tourist places in Peru.

Huayllay Stone Forest

In the Pasco region, at altitudes ranging between 4,100 and 4,600 masl is this curious park of stones sculpted by the erosion of volcanic activity, watercourses, and climatic conditions. Despite being one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Peru it is an unknown place for tourists.

If you like trekking and are looking for the best routes we give you good news. In the Huayllay Stone Forest there are more than ten possibilities to walk through the landscape and you can also practice rock climbing. It looks like good training for the Salkantay Trek.

walking through the huayllay stone forest

Choqolaqa Stone Forest

We don’t like to be repetitive, but the two stone forests deserve to appear on this list of unknown tourist sites in Peru. This striking landscape seems from another planet and is, without a doubt, a place to visit in Arequipa. Legend has it that one day its inhabitants stopped paying respect to the Apus Mountains and as a punishment everything turned to stone.

landscape of stones in peru at choqolaqa

The Yuracochas

It is known as the Vinicunca Limeño, because it is in Lima, obviously. The little-known chain of Yuracochas Mountains you can see after visiting the Rainbow Mountain of Cusco that they are sisters separated at birth, they are very similar! From their summits, you can appreciate the Nevado Rajuntay, the Yuracocha lagoon, and all the Peruvian highlands’ beauty.

Red River

This is one of the most surprising phenomena, who imagined that there was a red river? The truth is that no one until 2019 and that is not far from one of the most tourist destinations in Peru: the Vinicunca Mountain of Cusco.

That said, we solve the mystery of why it is red, which you probably want to know. Well, the red color is due to the blood that… Just kidding! After heavy rains, the minerals from the surrounding hills fall and accumulate in its bed.

Tinajani Canyon

If after visiting the Colca Canyon you’ve been left wanting more of the no-fire canyons, here’s Tinajani Canyon and its giant reddish sandstone rock formations. Don’t forget to say hello to its companion, the Pacobamba River!

There are many legends about its origin. We like the one that says that there was neither sun nor moon and the canyon was inhabited by giant men many years ago. The day the sun came out, the giants were petrified and turned into rock formations that we can now observe.

stone monument at tinajani canyon in one of the best unknown tourist places in peru


Huancaya is an ideal destination if you like nature, come on it’s an ideal destination because who doesn’t like nature? It is not usually considered one of the recommended destinations in Peru because it is a very small town, for us, it is precisely that its greatest charm.

Huancaya is located in a small village in the north of Peru.

It is located at 3,500 meters above sea level in the highlands of Lima, in the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve. Its lagoons, its numerous watercourses, and its staggering waterfalls are the main attraction of Huancaya, do not miss them!


Moron Lagoon

We know you’ve heard about the glacial lake in Peru and you’ve been dying to visit Lake Humantay. It’s truly incredible, as is the Laguna de Morón which hides in solitude 20 kilometers from Pisco. The contrast of clear sand, vegetation and crystal-clear water is simply spectacular.

landscape of desert with moron lagoon in peru

Punta Lomitas

The Punta Lomitas beach in Ica is difficult to access, and that is why it is an unknown tourist spot in Peru. Its landscapes look like something out of Dali’s paintings. Its dunes, tunnels, caves, and rock formations offer amazing views of the seashore.

landscape of punta lomitas beach in black and white with protruding rocks

Now the unknown tourist places in Peru are not so unknown anymore. You have to know about them because we want you to discover Peru in full. Even if you have fallen in love with these destinations, don’t forget that there are many others that you have heard about and that not because they are full of tourists are less recommendable. Do you dare to check them out?


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