Thinking about going to Iquitos? We recommend you when is the best time to go

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If you have reached this post, we understand that it is because you have already chosen to travel to Peru and see all that this country has to offer besides its star monument, Machu Picchu.

Less known, Peru also has a part of the Amazonian jungle, located in the north of the country. In the middle of this, we find Iquitos, the capital of the region, and the largest city in the world that is not accessible by road. This is why it is known as the “Amazonian Venice”.

people in Iquitos on their boats

Today we tell you the best time to travel to Iquitos and enjoy the Amazon, according to its two most different seasons.

When to go to Iquitos?

Dry season

This season runs from June to October and is characterized by slightly higher average temperatures than those of the rainy season, around 30ºC.

The main difference that we find here is the large drop in rain. In spite of this, we have to take into account that in this area it always rains, although, during these months, it does so less frequently.

shed on the water in iquitos

The descent of the rains causes a decrease in the flow of the rivers, allowing access to trails that a few months ago were completely flooded. The walks through the jungle were what our colleague Javier enjoyed most during his experience in Iquitos.

We will also find the appearance of white sand beaches that are located at the elbows of the rivers, adding that there are not as many mosquitoes as in the rainy season, which will allow us to enjoy this area of the Amazon very much.

As for the fishing fans, this would be the best time to go. There are no limitations and the river is at the best time to enjoy this activity.

Rainy season

This is from December to April or May, characterized by the highest number of rainy days of the year. The average temperature during this period is 28ºC.

As you can see, the rainy season is also associated with the “colder” season, but seeing these temperatures, it is clear that you will not be very cold in this area at any time of the year. However, don’t forget to pack a good raincoat, it will be your best friend during this vacation.

As a result of these rains, the rivers that surround the city (mainly the Amazon, as well as the Nanay and Itaya and Lake Moronacocha), suffer brutal flooding of their waters. This causes a reduction in the areas accessible on foot, which can be reached by canoe.

people in a boat in Iquitos

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you should know that during these months this practice is limited by the flooding of the rivers.

This season also brings us to face one of the great enemies of humanity, the mosquitoe;. These “so heavy” bugs multiply their number during this season. So don’t forget to buy a mosquito spray if you decide to travel during this season.

So… what is the best time to go to Iquitos?

This is very personal. Luckily, Iquitos is a very busy tourist destination all year round, so when you go you will meet people who are visiting like you.

The rainy season is the least hot. With the rivers rising, you will be able to enjoy incredible canoe rides all over the Amazon. The rise of the waters also produces incredible landscapes, with a mirror effect included.

people in their houses in iquitos

If you decide to visit Iquitos in the dry season, you will be able to visit most of its areas by trekking. With white sand beaches and fewer mosquitoes, you will seem to be in the paradise beaches of the Galapagos Islands.

Are you ready for an adventure in the jungle? Do you already know when to go to Iquitos? We hope we have helped you!

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