The 7 must-have mobile apps for your next trek

best hiking apps

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Can you imagine taking a trip without your cell phone? Neither can we.

The cell phone and its various apps have become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. That is why there are more and more applications that facilitate many tasks and that arise as solutions to problems we may have.

In the case of adventure activities, such as trekking, there are many apps that help us to make our trip more comfortable.

In this post we have selected 7 of the best hiking apps that will be indispensable in any trekking you do from now on. Read on…

Best hiking apps


This is an application that probably already comes integrated in your own phone. If you are one of those who still carry paper maps, this tool will be the perfect complement.

You can also carry your traditional compass, but this way you will save space in your backpack, which is always hard to close.

girl looking at the compass of her mobile phone comparing it with her map

Google Maps and Google MyMaps

We already talked about these two applications in the post on how to download offline maps on mobile.

The combination of downloading the map of the area you’re traveling to with Google Maps, along with the ability to create custom routes with Google MyMaps, is perfect for doing all the trekking routes you want without having to spend mobile data.

Although it’s a Google app that comes integrated with most Android phones, you’ll have no problem downloading it to your iPhone.


This is one of the most popular and best hiking apps for the more adventurous. Wikiloc has created a large community of users who create and share all the routes, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

This app can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices, and best of all, is that it works only with the GPS of the phone, so you can make your routes without spending data from your mobile rate.

hiking apps route on a person's mobile

If you plan to do the Torres del Paine W Trek, you can help you with this app to better guide you through the trails.

Also as a curiosity, this application allows connecting your phone with the latest models of smart shoes, so you can have more accurate data of your routes.


Another well-known app for outdoor activities is Strava. This app, rather than to guide you on your route, is used to track it and analyze a posteriori the activity performed.

You can also share it on social networks, although we warn you that it will be a bit tiring for your followers to share all your activities…

Therefore, choose well your trek to publish. If you want one that will make everyone jealous, you can always upload your Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu.

Galileo Offline Maps

Similar to the Google Maps feature of downloading offline maps, but also very functional.

With this app, you can download very detailed maps of the area you are traveling to, where even hiking trails and even other places like supermarkets or campsites nearby will be shown.

It is a very efficient alternative to Google Maps, so you can choose between one or the other app.

map in mobile app with a mountain route


Very similar to the previous apps, this one is characterized because you can contact other hikers and ask for advice or even support them in their live trek.

What better way to culminate your ascent to Chimborazo than with live encouragement from your contacts on this app?

Travel Safe 360

We already talked about this app when we listed the best apps for traveling to South America. It is also one of the most interesting apps on this list.

The main function of Travel Safe 360 is to help you if you find yourself in danger. This app sends the precise coordinates of where you are at the moment you need help. Although it also has a domestic use to locate your immediate family at any time, the truth is that it is a very interesting tool for hiking routes.

send the coordinates on the mobile to another person in an app for hiking routes

And even if it’s not an emergency, you can always send a notice to your family or friends when you reach the end of the trek Lost City of Colombia, to make them a little envious.

With these 7 apps, we’re sure you have enough variety to make the best treks around the world.

Do you think we have forgotten any alternative hiking apps? Which one do you use the most in your adventures? We read you…

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