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scuba diving apps

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The world of diving is exciting, you get better with each dive and discover the depths of the ocean. For those interested like you in the subject, there are tools that help a lot and are really interesting. Today, we reveal to you what are for us the most useful scuba diving apps.

These apps can be used whenever you go diving. If you have the opportunity to visit Spain, we recommend you to do diving in Mallorca. And if you are on the other side of the pond, in Costa Rica you can do Caño Island Diving.

Diving apps we are going to explain are free, offer a good service and are compatible with Android and/or IOS. In addition, they are divided into three blocks depending on their usefulness.Let’s start!!!

Scuba diving apps for dive planning

Dive Planner

This dive app lets you search for information about dive sites in the PADI or SSI databases.

In addition, for each dive you do, it tells you the mix of Nitrox and Trimix you need, but not only that! It also calculates the ballast you have to carry, the total and partial pressures and the times of each surface interval.

< p>In short, this app gives you everything you need to know before making your dive. And once you have lived your adventure, you have the option to share it with your friends.

Dive Planner app homepage

CCR Mixer

The following application is specialized in calculating the gas mix you need in your dive.

Specific functions:

  • Mix
  • Mixing – Heliair, Trimix, Nitrox
  • Mix– refill
  • Maximum Operating Depth (MOD)
  • Equivalent Air Depth (EAD)
  • CNS% / OTU Table
  • Equivalent air depth (EAD)


If you are looking for a free app to calculate all the technical data you need to know before your freshwater and saltwater dives, TechDeco can help you.

This diving app is similar to the previous one, providing you with almost the same data such as gas consumption and density, ppN2, pp02, CNS% and OTU. The result is in metric and imperial units and is calculated thanks to the BÜhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm

Calculation in TechDeco

Information applications and “logbook”


Diveboard can be your diary or scrapbook. Here you can store all the data about the dives you have been doing. For example, you can put the specific location, the species you’ve seen, who you’ve dived with….

It lets you be creative when you are going to save your memories because you can add photos and videos from Youtube. Also, as you post your dives, you can look at the “personal logbooks” of other users and get inspired and see where you want your next dive to be. This is a small community of divers!

Diveboard Capture

My diving log

If your device is Android, My Diving Log can be your dive logbook. It allows you to do the same as the previous app with the difference of being able to see more map charts and your stats.


The last logbook diving app we recommend you is Deepblu. Its position in this post doesn’t mean we like it any less, we’ll explain why.

It has the same functions as the other two above but its big advantage is that you can synchronize your dive computer to the application and register your logbook :).

Another plus point is that IDA, DIWA and ITDA (international certifying agencies) use this app and it is recognized as their official training registry. So it can give you more confidence and security.

Capturing a post in Deepblu

Scuba Diving and weather apps

Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Debris Tracker can be said to be an initiative to protect the ocean and the environment. It is useful for divers, as it indicates to you where there is marine debris.

It is updated by scientific and educational organizations that want to conserve the natural environment. You too can help through the app, just report the garbage you find in the sea.

Marine Debris Tracker capture

GPS Real Tides

GPS Real Tides is an application that can be useful to divers, fishermen, sailors, surfers… Come on, everyone who spends time at sea. It gives you the real time information of the tides of any place in the world, even if you do not know the latitude, longitude or zip code of the place.

So if you have any iOS device, you can have your weather forecast every day and enjoy the diving.

GPS Real Tides app capture

Tides Near Me

Lastly, Tides Near Me is about…can you tell yet what information it offers? Bingo. As the name suggests, with this app you’ll know everything about the tides and currents around the world. All the data is displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and tables.

It also tells you the exact time when the currents rise, when the sun sets and when the moon sets. In short, before you dive you need to know in real time everything about the tides of the place.

capture of Tides Near Me

Do you already know which diving apps you need for your dives? Which app do you choose? We hope this post has helped you and now… enjoy diving!


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