Kayaking tips and advices that you should take into account

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If you are going to visit Spain and you are planning to kayak but it is your first time, we give you some kayaking tips so you won’t have any problems.

Spain has many beaches perfect for kayaking and get started in this sport. For example, the beaches and coves in Mallorca are not to be missed. So here are the best kayaking tips, in case you want to take the first step.

First of all, practicing this activity can become an unforgettable adventure and even more so if the weather and the views are good.

Ready? Here we go!

Kayaking tips for beginners

Lose your fear

We’ve all thought about falling into the water at any moment and the first trick to avoid it is not to be afraid. You’ll be reassured to know that one of the safety measures of kayaking is that it’s quite stable, especially if it’s used on sightseeing trips. You’ll also be equipped with a life jacket.

Besides, if you go accompanied by a professional and follow their indications everything will be fine. You just have to enjoy the views!

Find out about the weather conditions

Before kayaking is necessary to look at the weather and know if it will rain, if it will be sunny, windy … And therefore if the water of the place where we do the activity will be calm.

Spain has different climates and coasts suitable for kayaking, but it is always advisable to get information about the weather according to the destination and the season to better perform the kayaking.

The companies that offer kayaking trips always take these factors into account. There is the possibility of having to postpone the activity.

But if you choose to practice kayaking in Mallorca or Jávea, the weather will not be a problem, quite the opposite.

Kayak trip in Mallorca cove

Warm-up exercises

Before doing any sport you should warm up your whole body. In addition, in kayaking you exercise both the abdomen and upper body as well as the legs.

The ideal thing is to strengthen the muscles that are going to exert the most force. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be the Hulk to enjoy the kayaking experience.

Spend some time learning how to handle the kayak

Handling the kayak is not complicated. Mind you, the first Kayaking is not complicated. Of course, the first time you practice kayaking may cost a little more, but everyone is able to steer it

You also have to take into account the place where you practice. It will not be the same to kayak in the sea, in calm waters of a river, or on a glacier.

If you practice kayaking in Jávea you will have no problem. The Mediterranean Sea is calm, it often looks like a natural swimming pool. In addition, the weather will almost always be on your side. 🙂

In short, to handle the kayak better and better you need effort, energy and to follow the indications to practice this activity correctly.

kayaking in Javea cave

Position yourself

One of the best kayaking tips we can give you is to get into the right position.

The best position is to keep your butt as far back as possible and flex your legs a little. And where do your feet rest? You should notice some cuts that tell you where to place your feet.

You should always stay upright so you can apply the full force of your torso with ease. This will avoid accumulating tension in the lower back and the kayak will not seem much longer. In addition, you will enjoy the adventure much more comfortably.

Use and hold the paddle well

Another kayaking tip, although it may seem obvious, is to use and grip the paddle well. Placing the paddle blade in the water at the level of your toes and then pulling backward to your hips is the ideal movement to move forward with the kayak. Then you should pull the paddle out and repeat the same on the other side.

You must repeat exactly the same movement on each side in order to steer in a straight line. But don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right at first, it’s normal. One trick is to concentrate on a fixed point of land and paddle towards it.

It is best to hold the oar with your elbows high and straight at a distance a little wider than your shoulders.

Learn how to turn

For kayaking, it is necessary to know how to turn. Theoretically, you turn thanks to the sweeping motion.

The indications are the following:

  • Start with the paddle from a point well away from the kayak
  • Make a movement longer than normal
  • Apply force

This exerts more energy on one side and you will be able to turn.

Coordinate with your kayaking partner

Coordinate with your kayaking partner

If the kayak is for two, it is very important that you choose a partner with whom you have coordination. If this is not the case, we recommend that you spend a few minutes at the beginning of your trip learning to keep the rhythm together.

This is very important because if you do not go at the same pace, one of you will be stronger and will bear all the weight of the water. If you paddle simultaneously, you will go faster and the ride will be much more comfortable for both of you.

Happy kayaking partners

Report your trip

If you are one of the more adventurous and plan to kayak alone, it is best to let a friend or family member know the time and place of your trip. In case something happens.

The advantage of kayaking with a specialized company is that there will always be someone on land watching your trajectory.

Use the right equipment

The equipment you wear during the activity will greatly influence your experience. The equipment includes the life jacket and whistle in addition to the kayak. These are the basic recommended materials. But it always comes in handy to have a flare for use in extreme situations.

A helmet is only necessary on riskier routes or when the sea is rough. Finally, neoprene is worn when the sea temperature is low or the weather is bad.

Before venturing out you must be sure that you have not forgotten anything and that the life jackets are insured. In addition, it is important that the garments such as neoprene fit you well.

They don’t have to fit you like a glove, just that they are well fitted and allow you good mobility.

Boy with neoprene

Always follow the indications when you go with a guide

If what you want is to have a pleasant ride, ithe best thing to do is tofollow the guide’s indications.

This professional will guide the whole group through the best route and will provide a unique experience.

Keep in mind that sea conditions can always change and the guides know how to act in case of any unforeseen event.

kayaking team in Spain

Now that you have a series of tips for kayaking, we are sure you will do great. Are you ready to venture out?


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