8 essential tips to prepare your next road trip

tips to make a road trip

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Would you like to make a different trip, where you can enjoy every moment, without exception? We have the solution, and we are sure you will love it.

It is… A road trip. If you are as eager as we are to start this trip, in this post we give you some tips to make an unforgettable road trip.

Tips to make a road trip


Plan the trip in advance among all passengers


It is very important that all travel companions agree on the route. You will probably be sharing a car for many hours, and you don’t want to be arguing. You can contribute ideas among all of you to create a route adapted to all tastes.

yellow van on road through desert

As a help, you can look for mythical routes (which are already practically planned), such as the southwest route of the United States, and even, let each one choose an area to drive through, so you can alternate the driver.

Choose the right car for your road trip

It will not be the same if you travel alone with your partner or if you do it with 4 more friends. Therefore, the choice of the car with which to move around is going to be very important for your trip.

If you do not have the right car, van, or motorhome, you can always rent it in any car rental company. By sharing the expenses, it will not be too high a cost, and you will be able to choose the one you like the most and the one that best suits your trip.

three people in a car on a road trip

Carry cash

Although we are gradually using cash less and less and making more use of cards, there are still places where it is still not possible to make use of this mode of payment. For this reason, we consider it essential to always carry some cash on you.

Another option, for example, is to make a common cash deposit before starting your trip. This way, you will always be able to dip into this jar in case of emergencies, and you will be able to better control all the money you spend.

Also, if you are visiting more disadvantaged places, they usually don’t accept cards, so bring cash to support sustainable tourism!

Start driving early each day

If you want to squeeze your trip, it is very important that you try to take advantage of all available daylight hours to drive. It will be a better option than driving at night on unfamiliar roads.

sunrise views from the car on road trip

If there is someone among all of you who travels who has less trouble getting up early, that person will be the one chosen. This way, you will be able to move forward in your trip, without the typical arguments because someone has not woken up yet or has a hard time getting dressed…

Create a travel playlist for your road trip

There are many tools on your cell phone to create music playlists. You can do this together so that each person adds their music to the list. This will help to vary between styles, groups, different eras, etc.

You can even add a podcast, to disconnect for a while from music and listen to other formats on topics you like.

Refuel whenever you can

Who hasn’t had a scare because they thought they wouldn’t make it to the nearest gas station with fuel?

In this type of travel you will never know, and less if you travel on secondary roads when there will be a gas station nearby.

green car refueling

Therefore, as prevention is better than cure, we advise you that every time you stop somewhere, either to eat, either to go to the toilet, refuel your car.

Learn how to change a wheel

Has it ever happened to you that you have to wait a few hours until the tow truck arrives to help you change the tire?

If this usually happens on any busy road, you can’t imagine the hours you can wait if you have a flat tire on a back road in the middle of anything.

Road trips are usually made through less-traveled places since this route is part of the same trip.

This is why, rather than having to wait for the help of any of these assistance vehicles, it is better to learn how to change the tire on the car we are going to use. It can save you spending many hours waiting at the curb for your assistance to arrive.

Have an external battery on hand for possible emergencies

Nowadays it is impossible to leave home without your cell phone, let alone go on a trip without it. This is why we often rely on apps for everything related to the trip.

There we save the tickets for the different places we visit, we rely on the map apps to get to the destinations, we take pictures of everything we can, even ourselves… And of course, we use it to be communicated with our surroundings at all times.

person taking a picture of a landscape

This is why you will always need to have battery power on your phone. You never know what could happen to you, and having it on hand to solve any emergency will be vital on your trip.

The external batteries are the best solutions for these possible unforeseen events. You can have one for all travelers, or even have each one carry their own, and thus ensure that you can always get your hands on this device if you run out of battery.

With all these tips to make a road trip, we are already looking forward to start our next trip. Now we just need to choose the destination.

Have you ever done a road trip before? Do you think we have left out any important tips?

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