How to organize a trip on your own

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Before packing your bags and embarking on a new adventure, it is very important to organize your trip in advance. This way there will be fewer unforeseen events and you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Therefore, we tell you what are factors to take into account so you know how to organize a trip yourself and everything goes perfect.


If you already know the destination of your next trip, the ideal is to buy flights in advance, so you will save problems that may arise at the last minute.

This is one of the best tips to buy cheap flights or simply at a better price, because the more you delay the purchase, the more expensive the ticket will be. Think that way you’ll be able to spend that money you saved at another time during your vacation.

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Although it is becoming increasingly rare to have to obtain a visa to travel and a passport is more than enough, in many countries it is still one of the main requirements for entry.

You will probably need a visa to travel to Latin America depending on the country you are going to, although it also depends on where you are coming from.

Either way, you certainly don’t feel like missing out on a Uyuni Salt Flat tour or a Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu tour, so remember to ask for your visa well in advance.

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Travel insurance can become your lifesaver during your adventure and even more so now that we live in times of pandemic, taking out insurance in times of Coronavirus is a very good choice and sometimes even mandatory.

These insurances will be able to cover medical assistance, 24 hours assistance during the trip, civil liability, luggage… and even in the worst cases coverage in case of cancellation.

Without a doubt our recommendation is that you get well informed and hire insurance that covers everything that worries you the most.


Before embarking on an adventure, it is advisable to find out about the recommended vaccinations for traveling to a particular place.

In a subject as delicate as health, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, even if it is not mandatory, check with the international vaccination centers to find out which vaccinations are necessary where you are going to travel.

One of the vaccines recommended for travel to South America is yellow fever. So if for example you plan to go to Ecuador and climb Cotopaxi you should consider whether you want to get it or not.

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Currency exchange

Also, keep in mind that if you travel to another country they will most likely use a different currency than yours. Our recommendation is that you do not exchange currencies at the airport as it is usually more expensive. Make the exchange before traveling or directly when you have arrived at your destination.

For example, for currency exchange in Latin America it is advisable to change them when you are already there, as you will get a cheaper exchange rate.

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Accommodation is also one of the most important parts to take into account when you organize a trip.

On some tours like the Iquitos jungle tour accommodation is included and you don’t have to worry about finding it. This is a good option because for the same price you will be paying for accommodation and other day activities. Whereas if it is not included, you will have to look for it on your own.

A trick is to search from the incognito tab or from different devices and compare prices when you search in the accommodation booking portals (although with flights it also happens). Look for the one that suits you best and fits your budget.

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Travel guide

If you also want to make the most of your time and not miss anything, our recommendation is that you follow a travel guide.

You can prepare it yourself according to your preferences or follow a ready-made one and adapt it to your liking according to the days you plan to travel.

Imagine you want to know what to see Argentina from North to South. There are thousands of options and incredible places, so you will have to make a selection of what interests you the most.

buenos aires city tour in 1 day

Apps and maps

Although this map thing sounds like a prehistoric era and it’s been years since you’ve used one, it never hurts to carry a map, maybe it can save you from an oversight. Imagine you’re on a Lost City tour… you’ll need it!

Although if you prefer, you can also download some apps on your mobile. These will help you during the trip to find what you are looking for and also you can use them offline when there is no coverage.

Some apps for traveling in South America will show you from the best trekking like the Torres del Paine excursion to the best restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal.

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Prepare your backpack/suitcase

Last but not least, another important part of organizing your trip is that don’t forget to prepare your backpack or suitcase properly. Choose your clothes according to the temperatures and the activities you plan to do.

Some of the essential items in your suitcase are sunglasses or a kit against mosquitoes and other insects.

And if you plan to do a trekking along the Perito Moreno, you should prepare your backpack for trekking and prepare for cold or rain.

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Now that you know how to organize a trip on your own and you know all the details to make it perfect, you just need to cheer up and prepare everything. Where do you want to go?


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