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When we go on a trip we experience unique moments and discover things we never thought possible or had never seen before. In this way, everything that shocks us we want to keep in our minds forever. But we want to keep it in a very personal way. And for that, we have the travel collections.

There are thousands of things to collect. If you are looking for some original ideas to collect from your travels, here we tell you ideas and examples about what to collect from travels around the world.

The best ideas to collect from travels


There are few people you’ll meet who don’t love beer. There are wheat beers, there are non-alcoholic beers, and there is even spicy beer in Mexico. If you delight in trying every different beer this should be your collection. It reflects all the possibilities the world has to enjoy a good beer.

beers collection from travels of the world

Indigenous or traditional clothing

Are you traveling with just enough? Do you want to identify yourself and live 100% an experience with the local people? Buy local clothing in the markets and enjoy the trip as one of the locals.

Markets like Chinchero, on the tour to Maras and Moray, is one of the best known in the whole country. The Chinchero market is known for its stalls with traditional clothes and fabrics, and for still maintaining the character of local market, away from tourist trends.

woman in peruvian market weaving traditional clothes


Are you a fan of tea or a good Colombian coffee?. This is the perfect collection for you. Collect a thousand types of cups with different messages, drawings, or even shapes.

Can you imagine drinking a Colombian coffee in the Lost City of Santa Marta, one of the most important coffee designations of origin in the world, with your own cup?

coffee mugs to collect from travels


Don’t have a lot of space, well it’s easy! Collect the fun and magical magnets.

Most cities in the world have a magnet that identifies them and in any minimal tourist destination, you are going to be able to buy them. Feel as if you were traveling every time you want to open the fridge.

magnets to collect from travels around the world

Coins / Banknotes

A souvenir with a lot of sentimental as well as economic value. Each country has its own legal tender currencies, so first you must be clear about the best formula to exchange currencies to the country you are traveling to.

As a suggestion, if when you finish your trip you still have too much money left over, you can leave it to the lounges workers or guides who have accompanied you. Often, what is little money to tourists means a lot more to them.

coins to collect from travels


But is this a collection? Many will ask. Well yes, choose the most representative photo of each of the most photographed places in Latin America and save it in your photo collection.

Here it’s not the quantity that counts, but the quality and importance. Do not include 100 photos of the same place, only the most important of each destination.

Do you already have your Machu Picchu trip? This should be one of your must-have photographs in your collection.

boy taking a selfie in machu picchu


Do you like characters and figurines on your furniture and shelves? Well, include travel figurines in your collections. You can make it of animals, cultural or historical characters, legends, etc. For example, the famous Ekeko known in Latin America.

ekeko doll typical from latam

Passport stamps

Your travels don’t understand borders? One place to store your travels in a very compressed form is your passport. Each stamp on each page marks an imprint of your experience in the destination visited.

passport stamped with the stamp of machu picchu


When you travel, the activities you do are the ones that mark you and the tickets of each one of them can remind you of every moment lived during the trip. Collect the tickets and remember each of the adventures and experiences you choose to do.

travel trickets to collect

Kitchen aprons

The perfect collection for cooks. If you love gastronomy and learning about it, keep an apron of all your destinations. You will cook thinking about each country you visited.

For example, you can cook a typical dish of gastronomy of Ecuador, such as an encebollado, with an apron as a souvenir of your trip to Chimborazo.

apron to collect from travels

Postcards and stamps

Even if you don’t write many handwritten letters anymore, this is a perfect collection to remember every destination you visit. From each of the places you travel to, you can choose a postcard and a stamp and send them to your own home. This way you’ll collect both at the same time, and once you’re home, you can reminisce about your experiences.

stamp collection from different countries

Baggage check-in barcode

A sticker with codes and numbers? It’s not just that. That sticker informs you of your destination and date of each trip. So you can have in the memory of each of the flights taken to go to each destination. Even if you are interested, you will be able to know the airline you chose for each flight.

luggage label to collect from travels


Although nowadays almost everyone moves through virtual maps, for the most romantic ones, collecting maps of cities or countries is a great souvenir of the places you visit. But not only that, but they are also very useful. Well, in each of the maps, you can notch every place you visited and be able to remember in the future if you come back or to recommend to friends, the best bar in town, the most special corner for you, etc.

maps collection from different countries


Do you have a favorite book? Get the version of the book specific to each country and language of the world. A great and precious souvenir of one of your favorite things.

book to collect from travels

What NOT to collect

When you travel you should be very conscious and respectful of each destination you visit and its ecosystem. Therefore, any collectible object that may damage the biodiversity of the country we recommend responsibility and do not damage their environment, that is, always follow the rules of sustainable tourism.

Here are some examples of objects that you should NOT collect from your trips: shells, corals, seeds (that can cause pests in your place of origin), animals (although we understand that an animal is not something collectible in any sense, not only in the world of travel), stones, minerals…

Do you also collect anything from your travels? Tell us about your collections and about what you think of these ideas to collect from travels that we tell you about.


Lily is happy with a backpack on her back. Every year she travels through one country in Latin America and has repeated several times, especially Peru where she says she feels at home (although she says the same about Argentina, Chile and Bolivia).

She loves ceviche, hiking and Sunday picnics with her friends, although whenever you ask her, she's always planning her next destination.

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