Documents needed to travel in the USA

documents needed to travel in the USA

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If you are thinking of traveling the famous Route 66 or visiting Las Vegas you need to be well aware of the documents needed to travel in the USA .

If you have everything in order you can enjoy the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas or see Niagara Falls from New York without any problems.

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Documentation you will always need

If you are going to travel to the United States you will always need to carry identifying documentation, a machine-readable passport and a United States entry form.

This form is also known as ESTA and is completed through the official website. It is mandatory to have it in order to travel. It is recommended that it be done at least 72 hours before making the flight.

Tourist or business visa

If your trip is going to be less than 90 days and your reason is tourism or business don’t worry. You will be able to travel with the ESTA form, your machine-readable passport, and your identification document.

The machine-readable passport is one that contains machine-readable lines so that it can be scanned by a machine. In the case of some passports such as the Spanish passports are already machine readable, however in countries such as Colombia for example you have to ask for a different document.

spanish visa

You will also need to show a return ticket issued by an airline or commercial cruise ship. In the event that your stay exceeds 90 days for any reason you will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Student or non-immigrant visa

It is contemplated for those people who are going to stay for more than 90 days but without permanence. You will need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa at your country’s own U.S. embassy.

This visa varies according to your personal needs. It is not the same if you are going to complete some studies in the United States as if you are going for a long stay. You will have to ask at the embassy for your personal case.

Documentation required in the COVID-19 situation

Currently, due to the COVID-19 situation, to travel to the United States you will need to present a PCR with negative result performed at least 72 hours before the time you are going to fly.

At the moment you are going to fly.

Before boarding the plane you will have to show the documentation with the laboratory test results showing that you do not have Coronavirus. In addition you can also provide a medical certificate in case you have passed it previously.

covid pcr test

In case you have a complete vaccination schedule you can present your vaccination “passport”, accompanied by the PCR test with negative result.

And you today… did you know all the documents needed to travel in the USA? Although it may seem a bit tedious, they are simple procedures, so you no longer have an excuse to embark on this incredible journey.

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