The strange phenomenon of Niagara Falls without water

niagara falls drained

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If you’re planning your trip to the United States, we’re sure you have on your list visiting Niagara Falls as one of your must-see stops.

But… Did you know that there was a time when Niagara Falls were drained?

Well, yes, as you read it. That is why, in this post, we want to tell you about this extraordinary event, by which the Niagara Falls were without water for a long season.

Niagara Falls drained

As we were telling you, it is not necessary to imagine this event because there was a time when a part of these falls dried up. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Niagara Falls facts in its history.

They are American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, the falls located north of this set of waterfalls, and both belonging to the United States.

But it was no accident. For about 6 months, a dam was erected upstream of the falls, which diverted the flow of water from the Niagara River towards the Horseshoe Falls, the largest of all, and belonging to Canada.

views of Niagara Falls in 1969 when it was dried up for improvement work

What happened to Niagara Falls to cause it to dry up

From June to November 1969, various geological studies were carried out to ascertain the condition of the rocks and the erosion that this part of Niagara Falls was undergoing.

Once these studies were completed, the areas of the falls that were most damaged or in danger of causing an accident were strengthened.

In November, after all the repair work was completed, the dam that had been built specifically to carry out these research tasks was dynamited. It was in front of approximately 2,600 people, who did not want to miss this extraordinary event.

How did the water return to its natural course?

After the elimination of this artificial barrier, the river returned to its usual course, giving these impressive images of the water jumping approximately 51 meters high at some points.

niagara falls panoramic views

Some news speak that it would be in the plans to return to dry this part of the falls, to eliminate some very close bridges that unite the American city with Goat Island, an island that is located in the middle of the falls, between the USA and Canada.

They say that these bridges block the view of the impressive Niagara Falls. If you don’t want to miss them on your next trip to the United States, pay attention to this news and stay up to date. Lest you go to see the most impressive waterfalls in the world…and there’s no water!

aerial view of niagara falls with goat island and bridges

What do you think about this extraordinary phenomenon of the Niagara Falls drained? Would you like to see them in the future if they finally decide to do this work to improve the area?

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