The animals you will find in the Iguazu Falls

bird in the Iguazu falls trail

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Iguazu Falls considered one of the most impressive waterfalls in South America, are located in the Iguazu National Park, one of the most biodiverse areas in all of Argentina.

So it’s no wonder you’re eager to discover the great variety of wildlife that inhabits this incredible place, that you can visit from it’s two different sides.

We tell you what animals you will find at Iguazu Falls so you can go well prepared for your travel in Argentina.


In the Iguazu Falls, we can find more than 450 species of birds including toucans, magpies, parrots and teros.

An exclusive species of this area are the waterfall swifts, a native bird that flies between the water columns of the falls. So surely if you take the Iguazu Falls tour you will encounter more than one of them.

swift flying in Iguazu


As you can imagine in the Iguazu National Park insects abound, although the ones you see the most are butterflies. A great variety of them have yellow tones with black spots and are usually seen where puddles of water have formed.

Although you are also likely to find many other insects, such as ants, dragonflies and the occasional beetle.

butterfly in the trails of Iguazu


The park is a refuge for threatened animals and although you won’t find them in the waterfalls themselves, you may come across them on the surrounding trails.

But don’t worry, it’s all under control, if you take the Safari Macuco tour through the Iguazu Falls, you’ll take the bus tour and be able to admire them from above and without any danger.

people looking from the viewpoint to the iguazu waterfalls


Although it is not the most common thing to come across big cats during the tours, some lucky ones have the opportunity to see them. Some of them are pumas or jaguars, also known as yaguaratés.

jaguar in iguazu resting


On the trails of the Iguazu Falls it is also common to find climbing mammals that hide in the leafy treetops of the trees. Surely if you are attentive you will see monkeys, honey bears or weasels.

monkey in a Iguazu tree


Coatis are the most common animals to see at Iguazu Falls during excursions, so you’re sure not to leave without seeing one.

And although they are small and seem friendly, it is best not to get too close to them and let them live their wildlife.

coati on the trails of Iguazu
Now that you know which animals inhabit the Iguazu Falls, pack your suitcase with your best camera and enjoy nature in its purest form. Which animals do you most want to see?


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