Iguazu Falls: Which Side is Better?

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Thinking about deciding which side is better to see Iguazu Falls from? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to figure it out. The incredible areas on the Brazilian and Argentinean side are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can see some 20 large waterfalls and 255 small waterfalls, reaching up to 82 meters in height.

views of the Iguazu Falls

If you are thinking of traveling to Argentina or Brazil, you can’t miss this unique experience. Although Argentina is huge in our guide we explain how to visit it from north to south without missing anything.

What you need to know about Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are divided by Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, and you can visit them from the Argentinean and Brazilian sides . If you want to get your A2 in Guarani (the indigenous South American language) you should know the origin of the name of the falls: the “I” means water and the “guasu” means big. The deduction of the name is left up to you. 😉

First of all, you’ll be impressed by the animals in this area although, as cute as they may seem to you, you should be cautious with the sneaky coatis. In our post about the best travel stories from Howlanders our teammate, Angela, tells the story about how a coati decided to steal from her, and not exactly her heart… 💔

Coati on Iguazu

Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls

Most of the falls are on the Argentinean side, so you can see them perfectly from a panoramic perspective with a visit to the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side. This way this side becomes the perfect one for photography and has the best views.

views of the iguazu falls from the brazilian side

In order to enjoy it to the fullest (and take the best pictures) you will travel in a bus with panoramic views and with a tour guide who will show you the Naipi Space, the Macuco trail, the Das Cataratas trail, and the Porto Canoas station.

But beware, it’s not all going to be walks and tranquility… after this, an electric car will take you into the jungle and drop you off at the Iguazu River. Get ready because you are going to get on a boat and you will have the most adrenaline ride of your life. You will be taken for about 5 km along the river and you will pass by several waterfalls, you will be so close that you might get wet. This is what we call an immersive experience. 💦

Argentinean side of the Iguazu Falls

If you plan to do the Iguazu Falls tour from the Argentinean side go get ready for one of the most incredible and extreme experiences of your life. The tour starts with the ecological train and travels through the jungle to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Once there, you will go to the viewpoint, where you will have the perfect view of this world-famous waterfall.

devil's throat iguazu falls

After that, you’ll walk the upper and lower circuits to see the falls from above and below. Now an eco-friendly safari car will take you through the jungle as your guide tells you about the local flora and fauna that you’ll see firsthand. Then you can board the boat and embark on the trip of a lifetime through the Iguazu Falls.

You will experience the waterfalls in the most intense way, you will be able to embark (never better said) inside the Devil’s Throat itself and understand first-hand why these falls are one of the most relevant tourist attractions in all of Argentina.

Which side is better?

To clarify, we recommend you to visit both sides, but if you don’t have much time then you will have to choose the one that suits you best. Don’t worry about location, our tours depart from both Puerto Iguazu, (on the Brazilian side) and Foz do Iguaçu (on the Argentinean side)

A popular saying indicates that the falls are seen from the Brazilian side but experienced from the Argentinean side, and the Brazilian side is great for photography as it is farther away from the falls, giving you a view of how gigantic they are. The Argentinean side offers more viewpoints, hiking trails, and activities.

people looking from the viewpoint to the iguazu waterfalls

Don’t go by size, although the Brazilian side is smaller than the Argentinean side the former boasts better panoramic views. Don’t go by popularity either, as each side tells a story and it’s up to you to decide which one to experience.

In conclusion, the traveler is the one who has the last word, depending on your interests you must decide which side fits you the best. Although from Howlanders we recommend you to visit the falls from both sides if you have the time. There is nothing like complimenting good views from the Brazilian side with the experience in your own skin from the Argentinean side. Which team are you from… Brazilian or Argentinean? Or are you a traveler who wants it all?

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