BaƱado La Estrella in Argentina: a not-so-well-known spectacle of nature

baƱado la estrella formosa

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Do you know the BaƱado la Estrella de Formosa? If you haven’t yet discovered this wonder of Argentina, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Read on to learn more about BaƱado la Estrella, this wetland that has become one of the most visited areas in all of Argentina.

What is BaƱado la Estrella de Formosa?

It is one of the largest wetlands in all of South America, behind only the Gran Pantanal and the Esteros del IberĆ”. It has an approximate area of 400,000 hectares, which is between 200 and 300 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide.

dry trees in the wetland baƱado la estrella in formosa

Following the Pilcomayo River, this hybrid ecosystem with purely aquatic areas and other terrestrial areas creates an extraordinarily curious landscape. Dead trees that have lost their bark, covered with lush vines, mosses, and even algae.

As for its fauna, it is really strange. From foxes (aguara-guazĆŗ) that reach 1.2 meters in height, to giant otters up to 1.8 meters long, to some specimens of Amazonian tapir. It is because of this ecosystem that has given rise to such exotic animals, some of them even exclusive to this area.

Where is BaƱado la Estrella?

It is located in the Argentine province of Formosa, in northern Argentina, almost bordering Paraguay. Moreover, in its northeasternmost part of the province, it is the Paraguay River (where the Argentine yerba mate is originally born) that acts as a natural border with Paraguay.

To be more precise, it is located north of Las Lomitas, home of different indigenous communities, who have been reconverted to be the guides of this wonder of nature. No one knows this area better than they do, making them the perfect hosts.

When to visit BaƱado la Estrella?

To begin with, you should know that since it is a wetland, and not a lake or area completely covered by water, it is not always flooded. It is in the rainy seasons when this area is totally flooded, and gives rise to these spectacular landscapes.

trees flooded by water in baƱado la estrella

The rainy season usually has its maximum splendor between October and April. As a result of these rains, the land stops draining the water that has fallen and begins to flood. This is always accompanied by the overflow of the Picolmayo River, which ultimately causes the flooding and the formation of the BaƱado la Estrella in Formosa.

Once the rainy season is over and when the land finally manages to drain all the water, this landscape is completely dry, being able to walk through most of its corners. This usually happens in the months of July and August, when rainfall is much lower.

animals in the wetland baƱado la estrella in formosa argentina

Now that you know all the basic information about BaƱado la Estrella in Formosa, would you like to visit this wonderful wetland? Have you visited other wetlands before?

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